Friday, November 28, 2014

:: Home Again, Home Again…

Hi Y’all!
We’re back.  I’m rested.  Refreshed and encouraged.  We had a wonderful time with our daughter and son-inlaw and the boys too.  We got back late Tuesday; Wednesday we spent getting ready for Thanksgiving… then supper at my oldest daughter’s house on Thursday with the whole family—except one son who couldn’t make it. It was a good crowd despite the fact that this year…some of our older grand children were with their Dads. 

I didn’t do much on Wednesday after returning home.  Relaxed and got settled back in here at the house—and cooked my corn bread for Thanksgiving Dressing, did a little bit of shopping bought all the makings for a HUGE BOWL of Fruit Salad.  Yum!  It was delicious. 

So, let me ask you?  do you put COOL WHIP in your Fruit Salad?  Do you add NUTS and Marshmallows?  (making it AMBROSIA?)
I was all set to add the cool whip--- and once I was at my daughter’s house, I got vetoed…by several people!
So… it was just fruit, nuts and marshmallows.  But STILL YUMMIE!

Today I got all of the laundry from our trip washed- it took no time to dry the wind was blowing so hard and the sun was shining!  I also got the sheets from both the beds washed and dried too!  Other than that…we ate leftovers…and sat around looking at property online—using the app on our phones!
One of the other cabins where we stayed—looking up from the bottom of the hill.  -just lovely!
Ok… so—we had a wonderful time up in Arkansas.  The trip up, lit a fire under us; we were able to look at some property while there! We didn’t find anything yet however,    we are both so excited to be moving there (LORD WILLING);  and hope to be selling after the first of the year--- and getting up and out of here.

I find the whole thing exciting and scary.  I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it.  But honestly, I never thought I’d be this thrilled about a move.  The biggest thing for me--- is the DEBT FREE aspect.  I have thought and thought about the move; and really- we never did get to finish everything here that we wanted to do; before we ran out of money to do it.  I know that once we sell this house—and no longer have a mortgage payment;  and hopefully find something and pay cash for it, that will free up some money to work on things.
The old Parker-Hickman Homestead, near the Buffalo River—on the Erbie Trail. We walked the entire property …they thought of everything! 
Yes… we’ll be moving from a ‘FIXER-UPPER’  into a fixer-upper.  It sounds strange I know.  To most, it probably doesn’t even make sense; but for us—with our budget and needs (and wants)  it makes perfect sense.  I say wants, because well, of course we want a little land, for gardening and chickens.  The idea of sustainability is always appealing to us.
The wood shed at the cabins—Isn’t it nice?!  I’d love to have some place like this to put our firewood! 
I’m grateful to be home; for my health and getting better everyday.  The trip was especially nice—and just what I needed for a little bit of R and R…
I have a ton of pictures – You’ll be seeing more of them over the next few weeks.  I’ll try not and bore you all to tears—with the slide show! ;)
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope you all did too—and just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, as we all counted our blessings this week—I want you to know—I counted  all of you, my blog readers and friends, as part of those blessings.  :)

‘Til next time, Be Blessed!

May the LORD bless you from Zion; He who made Heaven and Earth.  ~Psalm 134:3

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