Tuesday, March 17, 2015

:: Back to Work and Pass-the-Baby!

This week our Oldest daughter returned to work. That means back to work for us—now instead of 2 children during the day we have 3.   We’re working on a new routine. I say “We” because The Honey is a big help around here—with everything that gets done during the day, including taking care of the grand kids. He LIKES kids. For the most part, yesterday and today have gone pretty smoothly.  The baby still sleeps a lot.


Vincy, on the other hand,  LIKES routine.  In fact, if we stray from it too far – he has a melt down.  So with him, our last two days have been as normal as possible.  The only change being the placement of his day bed (pack N’play)  He is used to being in the front room with us. He is used to me rocking him to sleep.  At home, Momma or Daddy put him in his bed and he talks and plays until he falls asleep.  He rarely, ever cries himself to sleep.  Now, after being home with momma for 6 weeks; he comes here and his bed is in the guest room After today I think he will be fine.  When he wakes—he stands and says “Oma”  and jabbers or he’ll say “Hunna”   it’s the cutest thing!  He’s adapting well.

For his baby brother—it’s eat, change the seat cover and sleep.  He likes to open his peepers and have a look around, when he feels well.  His tummy gives him problems.  We’re still making adjustments to his eating, burping and bottling habits.  I think we’ve almost got this one figured out… then he gets another issue.  He’s only 6 weeks old—so it’s touch and go, still.

Big sister? 
Well, I home school her. So—while Vincy sleeps. We work her phonics and math in pretty quickly.  The reading and drawing and table work she can do at other times… but the instructional part has to be done as soon as the boys are BOTH ASLEEP!
Thank goodness—she is eager!

It helps for her to know that after school—she gets to pick an activity. Today, it was make cookies.

no bake -boiled- cookies

She wanted to make ‘Boiled-Cookies’.  We call them Boiled Cookies but if  you GOOGLE OR PINTEREST—type in NO-BAKE COOKIES. 

It will pop up everywhere!  This is the recipe we use--

  no bake -boiled- cookies RECIPE

The kiddos love them and so do the adults… be careful, YOU CAN’T. EAT. JUST. ONE! They’re so addictive… ;)

Anyway-- Our other daughter lives next door. In the morning she comes and brings Easton and her New little one
peek a boo

and we have ourselves a good ol’ time playing pass the baby!  While Bree and Easton  get a little play time and I load up on coffee! 

That’s how it’s going so far, with the kids, the rain, the snowy cold weather and  the house (to sell or not to sell)  I haven’t gotten one seed planted. I’ve not looked at getting new chickens, we still have the pup litter—and will probably have to visit the humane society (no kill) as we’ve not found a home for ONE DOG YET! 

That makes me sad.  It’s a no kill shelter—but I just don’t like dealing with them if we can keep from it. You know what I mean… it would be so nice if we could find some families close by that are looking for pups!

I hope your week is turning out nicely—we’ve warmed up and had a couple of pretty nice days. Still too wet to mow—but I’m hoping this time next week?  Though looking at the weather they’re predicting more rain.  That’s ok!  We need it.

Even with all this—we are so blessed.   I hope you are blessed today too.  No matter your circumstance—find a bright spot in your day, and Praise Him from Whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

‘Til next time~

Psalm 37 -3


NanaDiana said...

Pat-You are really a "hands on" grandparent. Good for you. I am, too, but not to the extent you are. What a blessing that you are able to do that for your kids/grandkids.

It is "fun" trying to get those routines worked out, isn't it? Especially with a new baby that is just trying to FIND a routine. oxo Diana

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh you are so blessed. Enjoy those babes!!

Kristina said...

We know those cookies at "no-bake" cookies - one of Hubby's favorite too. Cute photos of the babies.

My Repurposed Life said...

awwww.... you're so blessed to be so busy! :)

Love the pics of the babies.


The Boston Lady said...

You are one busy lady, Pat. Lots of things going on! Your grandchildren are certainly lucky to have you in their lives. I know you must a days where you are just so tired, but you sound like you thrive on this!

Best wishes, Ann

sassytrash said...

Soooo sweet!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are busy grandparents! How blessed!

Shug said...

What a fabulous blessings for all your babies. I kept all six of our grands, as their moms are teachers. I have some super special memories with each of them. Enjoy these special times you have....I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
Get some rest

Leigh said...

Hi Patricia, I came by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to comment on mine. I'm happy to have found your blog too. You and I have quite a bit in common. :)