Friday, March 20, 2015

:: First Day of Spring-

I thought I’d come in here to the computer and try to get a post out while Bash is sleeping—right now, he takes his naps in the swing and the batteries have run down.  So new batteries are on the list.  The pack n’play is reserved for Vince's nap.  I’ll have to figure something else out as Bash grows. 
It’s the first day of Spring 2015 ~ Welcome Spring~  
as I write this… there is a gentle thunder rumbling outside and a soft sprinkle of rain. We’ve had lots and lots of rain this winter and snow, so much so that our lake is up to normal levels.  The paper said the last time it was normal was in 2012.  For years…it has been on the low side and everything around here has been very dry.  As we drive to and from town—I notice the stock ponds in various cow pastures are brimming with water!

rain puddles winter 2015
Our yard is too wet still to mow—and currently, there are no puddles, scratch that; it has rained most of the day and it's a big soggy mess! These are from earlier in the week—today, it is much the same--but STILL, I PRAISE GOD for the RAIN!

This weekend—the PDRA (Professional Drag Racing Assoc)  is having Texas Nat'l races not far from here in Ennis at the Texas Motor-Plex.  We’ve been invited to go with one of The Honey’s brothers.  Not sure if we’ll go or not. Honey would like to—years ago, we spent a lot of time going to the races.  I guess my tastes have changed- it isn’t something I find much enjoyment in doing now days.  But I’d go—if he wants.  We don’t do much for entertainment now days…it might be fun.  Not really sure how it will go if the rains continue though.

I could think of a ton of different things I’d rather be doing! DRAG RACING OR FISHING IS NOT ONE OF THEM.  I tried fishing when we were first married--- ended up faking like I liked it a few years; and then I finally told him, it wasn’t my thing.  He goes without me now. I’m completely OKAY with it!  You will never see a bumper sticker or  T-shirt on me or my vehicle—that says I’d rather be fishing.  

This being the first day of spring, got me thinking about all the projects I got completed over the winter; and what I’d rather be doing now that it’s spring.  I thought I’d make a list, You know just as a reference; and share it with you--
  • Make NEW WINDOW TREATMENTS for the living room windows and front door
  • Trim the ceiling in the newly painted front bedroom
  • Paint the Armoire in that room
  • Add rails to the bed in that room—possibly paint the bed frame? (though I really like the wood)
  • Cover the ceiling and add trim in KITCHEN AND Master Bedroom (master in name only… he he he… it’s the smallest bedroom in the house—but it’s so cozy in there!)
  • Get the porch cleared off from winter’s clutter and accumulation of junk—extending our living space for warmer months!
  • Once Baseball season opens—I’ll be making granny squares out of my stash while I watch and listen… and maybe by the World Series in October—I can have enough to make a small lap quilt!  (that’s a Goal!)
  • It’s March already—and I wanted to be making a Gift a month for Christmas…and I’ve not done that yet! I have collected ideas though and will hopefully get started on that soon.
  • Practice Photography, of course…documenting any progress I make! ;)

I’m not sure how many of these things I’ll be getting finished… but It helps to make a list, I work better with a list… and It’s FUN marking them off the list! I wrote these things in my Home Projects and Craft journals.
‘Til next time~
Psalm 37 -3


NanaDiana said...

Happy nap time there!
I am working on my list, too, and adding to it daily.
Did I miss this---are you still selling your house or working on doing that?
Happy Spring to you. We are cold today- 30s with a cold wind. xo Diana

Shug said...

Oh my....can even believe this rain. Our fields are now like shallow lakes. Looks like you have a good organized list of the things you want to get done. I need to make a list as well. Try to stay dry and enjoy the weekend..

A Daughter of the King said...

I'm happy to see you are getting rain and accomplishing your list. As always, you are an inspiration.