Saturday, March 21, 2015

:: Kernals of Corn~2~ Sew Frugal


Have you seen these?  I’ve made two so far. car seat blanket with straps

I’m talking about Car Seat Blankets… It’s a blanket with slits cut in them to accommodate a car seat. It makes wrapping the baby for warmth much easier, than trying to wrap them and strap them.

car seat blankets Basically the slits are just really large button holes.   This one is Liam’s

car seat blanket 2 and cover

…and for Bash, I made a Car seat blanket and a cover. Before you ask… Liam’s mommy sews and made her own cover; but early delivery halted progress so I took over and made the car seat blanket. ;)  I made another one for my niece’s baby back in October—can’t find the pictures! HHMMMP! She uses it on her baby’s swing.  Whatever works! They are lined with fleece so they are warm. I ran out of the dark gray for Bash’s…and had to use the light gray like I did on Liam’s for his COVER… but he doesn’t mind. ;)

I don’t have a pattern.  I measure the car seats that my girls had and went from there.  Just google/Pinterest CAR SEAT BLANKET …  There are lots of versions.  Even some crocheted!  (Time ran out on me…so I sewed mine)

denim jacket alteration

One of my next frugal projects was for me… Honey had the honor of taking my picture.  Do you think people KNOW if they’re photogenic or not?   I’m not.   Besides this is just a before, right?  The after always looks better… 

I’ve had the jacket about 10 years… or almost 10 years.  I love the jacket; but I’ve lost enough weight that well… you can tell it just hung off me. Like I was wearing someone else’s jacket!  

 cutting 1

Removed both sleeves, collar and cut the shoulder seam…

sleeves removed the collar

altering jacket with arrows

I took in the side seams. Cut the shoulder seams and took it up just a scoach… sewing the factory seam down labeled 

Sewed it all back together and faked my factory seams… inside factory seam

By leaving the factory seam in tact… I reattached the shoulder to that little zig-zap flap on the inside…

reattaching at the shoulder

Flipped it to the outside and sewed it down. You can see my thread didn’t even match. The white blends in with the natural fade of the denim. ;)

sewing the factor seam down

denim jacket alteration after

Well sometimes the after looks better!   Anyway… we’re just looking at the jacket, right? :)  There you go!  Bob’s your Uncle and you get to wear your favorite blue jean jacket again! 

The last little Kernal I want to share… is fabric samples…

fabric samples

Recently cleaning up the 2 spare bedrooms—I found these fabric samples I’d been given.  They are all weather fabric swatches; for umbrellas and outdoor furniture and pillows or cushions.  You can see they have some very bright colors and some muted, more sophisticated patterns and colors.

I’ve looked on Pinterest and there are tons of ideas.  One that came to mind was a banner.  But I feel like banners and pennants have been over done.   What would you do with them?

‘Til next time~

Psalm 37 -3


Claudia said...

You are so crafty! Love the idea of the car seat blanket, Pat. And the jean jacket, too. I have a couple of jean jackets and one of them - my favorite - has always been too big.


Audrey said...

Your are so talented to be able to alter that denim jacket. I would never attempt that. Looks great.
The cover for the car seat looks like a good pattern. I know you enjoy the new babies.
Audrey Z.

A Daughter of the King said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the samples. Patches?

Leigh said...

Brilliantly and beautifully done! There's nothing like a good denim jacket.

Shug said... friend....are certainly a talented lady. I sure admire women that can sew. I am very impressed.
Looks brand new!!

Kristina said...

Wow, that jacket turned out nice. I wish we lived closer so you could give me sewing tips.

Michelle H said...

Fantastic! The car seat blanket is brilliant. You did such a great job on your jacket!! I had one that needed it, but I went and filled it out. Boo. Time to get back to work on needing to take it in, haha!

Alex M said...

You are industrious and accomplished!