Tuesday, March 24, 2015

:: Comfort in the One

Who heals all your diseases; ~Psalm 103
We had somewhat of an exciting day today…
first off, it was sunny and beautiful.  There is water standing in puddles throughout the yard and in the bar-ditches.  But overall the weather was wonderful.
I was outside with the kids for a little while. Bree had come in a told me she heard the police cars… a bunch of them going down the road, then right after that, The Honey came in from the mail box and said he saw an Ambulance pass by our road…followed by about  SEVEN Sheriff’s Vehicles…
Well naturally, we’re wondering what’s up… then we heard what we thought was the Care-Flight helicopter.  They came circled… and left without landing.  That was odd… It was followed by two more helicopters!  In the distance through the trees I could just make out where they had stopped. …with my binoculars.
Yeah… I was curious!  I also had a 5 and 4 year old… outside watching the choppers fly over.
Having seen the first one leave and none of them landing… I told Honey to check the news.  Sure enough…there it was!  On the TV and outside my door…just some distance away… about 10 acres maybe, 20?  Just on the other side of the cow pasture!

A woman had stolen an Ambulance.  She had been at the local hospital (some 20 miles away) being treated when she just decided to jump in there and take it!   I have no idea what prompted her to do that.  She is currently in jail waiting for bail.


I had no intention of writing all that tonight when I sat down here at the computer—I was going to write something a little different.  But this has got me thinking about the human condition, and this woman’s story – whatever it may be, goes along with what I originally wanted to say.

Who heals all your diseases; ~Psalm 103   So … forgetting not all God’s benefits; I’ll say this…

One of the benefits mentioned here in Psalm 103 … is that God heals all our diseases.   Having been diagnosed with T2 Diabetes in 2014… and in 1999 with Psoriatic Arthritis…(auto immune) I have clung to this promise from God’s word.  Not the promise that He WILL heal my disease--- but the promise that HE CAN.  AND HE DOES.    But many people, those that know God intimately and those that don’t know God… but know about him… they will say something like

           —but God promises to heal our disease, and my mother died of heart disease and T2 diabetes… and he didn’t heal her…
- or,  My baby had childhood cancer and GOD took him from me.
…and I’m mad at Him for that.
-or,  How can I worship a God that does that?

These are true statements. True, because people are desperate.  Just like the woman for whatever reason stole that ambulance today… the bottom line is, she was desperate.  In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye…she perceived her circumstances wrongly.   When we hurt from pain or lose a loved one from a debilitating disease…something they’ve suffered long from.  Our perception can become skewed our emotions will lie to us (another topic all together) God has allowed this thing… to take our loved one or take our life and we curse Him.  Why?  Because …we err, and do not know the scripture nor the power of God.~ Matthew 22:29 

We forget that He is sovereign over all these things.

Do I pray that He will heal me?  Sure I do!  I pray it in faith.  I don’t want diabetes or P.A. (psoriatic arthritis)  and all the problems that accompany those diseases.  I want God to heal me!  Do I think he will?  I can’t answer that.  

I stood outside today… with my camera, and watched without knowing what was happening. I conjured all sorts of scenarios in my mind what could be happening just beyond the rise in the field.  But when I turned on my television, and saw the woman be shackled and put into the patrol car.  My heart sank.  I felt hurt for her.  Because she was desperate.
Do I think He can heal me?  Now that is the question… YES! He does heal all our disease.  But he never promises that He will. 
  • Friend, if you’re reading this right now.  I hope that you will cling to the truth of God’s word and know that He cares for you. He wants us to know him and understand that He knows us and what we have need of more than anyone. Whatever pain or fear or desperation we may be experiencing… it isn’t as great as His name, Jesus.  There is comfort in that name.
‘Til next time, Bless the LORD~


Regena Fickes said...

Well said, Pat. I used not to understand that His grace is sufficient. It took a long time to be able to say, "Thy will be done" and mean it. He has walked and carried me thru the diagnosis of my husbands long term illnesses, death of our 19 year old daughter and her unborn child, horrid illnesses in my family and the death of many friends and family. Have I always found His grace sufficient? Yes. Thank God that He Is.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

How great is His name! What a wonderful post! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Debbie said...

It takes a long time to get to the point of turning all over to God and I constantly work at it daily. I immediately felt empathy for the woman and I pray she will get the help she needs. This was a good post today Pat...I needed to hear it and thank you. Regena....you are one strong woman and I pray my faith is one day as strong as yours.

A Daughter of the King said...

I have more to say, but here I'll say this: I am thankful that you are sharing your insights with the world. I love the insight about misinterpretation of a problem, the woman "perceived her circumstances wrongly." We, I, do that every day! I love that God is so patient with us!!!! The rest I will write you in an email. ;)

NanaDiana said...

You just wonder what makes a person take that final "turn" from citizen to criminal. I feel sorry for her. Something in her life left her feeling desperate. What an exciting event in your day to see that all play out. xo Diana

Alex M said...

I am religiously ambivalent but my feeling about God or any higher force is that part of their power is they give you strength to handle your adversities and with your strength you can make it through.

Debby said...

I think it is kind that you had compassion for this person. Who knows maybe she didn't have anyone and the choice she made was with that in mind. Pretty brave stealing an ambulance. Sounds like a mental evaluation will be in order. The shackles make you feel sorry for her. I always blog about what is on my mind. I think you needed to talk about it. I hope it all turns out for the best for this lady. Hugs

Shug said...

I saw that news of the lady taking the ambulance. Wow...what a character she must be. This did stir your excitement and it certainly would have mine too. Can you believe this kind of stuff happens in small towns too? I hope she gets the help she needs...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Amen, I use to question , but after experiencing the reason many times, I now just trust in the Lord