Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kernals of Corn 3 – Mid April


Picture of April so far. 

Blackberries—not yet ripe. I’m so ready for them.



Spiderwart flowers in my neighbor’s pasture against a backdrop of her small barn. I could see this field of blue from my kitchen window and just had to snap a picture!  I just love the RED of the brick around her old well. 

Spiderwart-red brick-barn

The NORTH side of my son’s Tinyhouse…

Tiny house- siding and roofing

though, I don’t know really if I should call it that or SMALL CABIN… it is whopping 388 approximate sq. ft.  Kind of large for a Tinyhouse. ;)

The SOUTH side of his Tinyhouse.  This week he got the roof and siding in place. Baby steps.  Our son has never built a house before!

Tiny House roofing 2

The Leather Chair—after I wiped it down.  I’m looking at making a few changes in this room soon- mainly, re-arranging for Summer coming soon; and accessing the A/C.  leather chair

I’ll possibly be making a few changes to soften the edges and make everything a little more cohesive.

For fun… a similar chair at the title office on Friday. I snapped a few photos (do you do that?) …while our agent was out running copies!

leather chair-- RED-- title office

We were there to finalize papers for a re-finance. We’re staying put, you can read some of PUTTING DOWN ROOTS here. This room had a traditional “huntsman” lodge feel to it.  Not my style… but I liked the chair! ;)


An artsy-selfie… (i just made that up).  Remember when I used to never show my face on my blog?  WHAT WAS MY PROBLEM?!   Anyway—here I am sporting some  AS SEEN ON TV night drivers

night driving selfie

I don’t know, do I look like Jackie O.?

or The Fly, from some futuristic, SCI-FI movie from an era long gone?  Who cares,really?   I just like the artsy-selfie. ;)

We’ve had some treacherous weather this evening; after a beautiful day of sun and blue skies!  I hope tomorrow is a pretty day…

How has your April been so far?  Slow and steady or fast and varied?  Slow and steady sounds nice doesn’t it?  I think we’ve had fast and varied for long enough.   I’m relaxing a bit tomorrow—that’s the plan anyway!

Til next time, TRUST IN HIM!



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Psalm 37 -3


Brenda Pruitt said...

Wish I had a place and he could build one for me. I'd like between 500-600 square feet. If he gets good at this, he can go into the tiny/small house business!

Cecilia said...

I like the artsy selfie! :o) And the blackberries! I'm watching ours too along with the blueberries - so ready for both of them. yum...My daughter is into tiny houses - she wants one. Hope you had a good weekend.

A Daughter of the King said...

Our April has been full of list-crossing. We also refinanced (15 years) at 3%. Added cabinets, completed or wills, opened an HSA and an IRA, replaced our fence on one side of the house, re-configured a side patio. And this year, I believe we (and the chickens) will have grapes!

holli said...

I love me some fresh blackberries!!! Very cool picture of the small barn with flowers.
I am so intrigued with the tiny house.
I love any furniture with nail head trim.
Cute picture of you in the shades! Lets see more. Don't be shy :)

My Repurposed Life said...

that's a LOT of kernels!
ohhh how fun on the tiny house (cabin) or whatever it ends up being.

staying put eh? I'm anxious to hear more.

April has been crazy, but I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Too much to do, and looking forward to it.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think you will be glad you stayed. From your writings, I think you really love your place.