Saturday, November 28, 2009

Unfitted Kitchens

I have finally come across the name for the style of kitchen I love and the style of kitchen that I have in my home , until I read Deborah's blog here and here at Continental Calliope.

Of her *Flea-Market* kitchen she says :

"Every room of our re-modeled farmhouse has been built, retrofitted or embellished with flea market & salvage finds. No room more than our "unfit" kitchen. We had no desire or budget for custom cabinets, so Hubs built my fabulous kitchen with a mix of "finds". He scoured, flea markets, tag sales, salvage yards & even traded with friends who had found fabulous stuff.
The "unfit" kitchen-look, isn't for everyone, but it suits us to "T" & I. LOVE. IT!"

That's important because for the last 13 plus years I have been longing for that picture perfect kitchen. Our kitchen is truly the heart of our home. It is an eat-in kitchen (we have no formal dining area in this house) and for years it was not only the place to cook and eat; it was a place where our children did their schooling (we home schooled our children) ...and fondly it has been a gathering place for our family and our friends to visit, to play games, to sit and tell stories and to watch our children and now our grand-children grow! I love my kitchen and the relationship I have with it.

But I haven't ever liked it for the way it was ...until now!

I have an 'Un-fit' Kitchen!
My family would probably read this and say... "No Kiddin'? Look who just caught up!"

But this is news to me. I'd not heard of this term before. But now after finding out it has a name and that it takes years to tweak-- well all of the sudden it makes my kitchen look and feel like something special.

Oh, don't get me wrong. My kitchen is not perfect. It isn't showroom ready by any means. In fact when you look here and read this post you'll know exactly what I mean. Foolishness and Mayhem!

Those pictures are dated in that post-- and well, it is taking me this long to get down and dirty and start an overhaul. After looking around at some of the posts I see in blog-land, from time to time I wanted a picture perfect kitchen...But not anymore! I can finally say I can live with my 'un-fitted' kitchen.

But first things first.

I'm starting with the cleaning and then I'll get to the overhauling.

I hope to post pictures as they come. I don't want picture taking and blogging to come in the way of getting the work done. In the mean time this link has some pictures of 'un-fitted' kitchens (here)

It is hard to find posts regarding this particular topic... the above post is from the UK they have the best ideas / elements in an unfit kitchen. The thing with 'unfitted' is no two kitchens are just alike---EVER!

That's it. Let me know any thoughts you may have on "un-fitted" kitchens. If you find any links with pictures... hook me up!


Sandy said...

The kitchens I grew up in were all small. I remember white metal cabinets in two of my parents' kitchens in the 1950s. The first time we had wood cabinets was in the 1960s. I have started to hate it when I watch the programs on HGTV and the realtors downgrade a kitchen because it isn't upgraded with new stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. Well, I confess, I don't have granite counter tops and I probably won't ever. And my appliances - I admit - don't MATCH - the biggest sin. Like your kitchen our kitchens are the center of our home and it's the love and memories we shared there that is important.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

deborah said...

We feel the same about our kitchen as you do. It is the spot where everything and everyone happens.
When Hubs finishes the big ole island, we will have a place to sit and that will truly make it perfect for us.
I really love the elements in your kitchen that make it uniquely yours. I so appreciate anything made by family. Please lnow we will be watching your overhauling with joy! Thanks so much for the mention in your blog, we are truly honored! Deborah & Hubs