Monday, April 5, 2010

It's a baby blanket-

I showed you my blue and chocolate squares in a previous post. 
I finished it. 

It's a baby blanket for one of the two Grands we're expecting this year
A boy in June.

 Honey says it isn't baby colors. 'Cause babies don't need brown stuff!' 
What do men know about that stuff though. 

But I told him,
that is what all the young moms are making now days- 
chocolate and _________________ 
                  (fill in the blank) 
That is what my daughter wants... baby blue and chocolate. 
I searched and searched for something simple. 
I found this wash cloth pattern that I liked. 
I made one to check the gauge, I was 1 square inch bigger than the pattern called for. 
But that didn't stop me! 
I just went with it. 

So... what do you think? 


By the way, the other grand baby we found out today... is gonna be a... 


I think I'll wait and tell y'all later. 

Keep you in suspense. 
*Edited to add- I just had to come back and join the DIY Day party


God bless you today and thanks for reading! 


Linda said...

I love the blue and chocolate- it IS very modern, and just right for a baby boy!

Pat Harris said...

So pretty!! I love the blue and chocolate, it's the color of my bedroom. Not a thing wrong with it. lol. Can't wait to hear what the other grand is going to be. Are you wanting a little girl?? Blessings, Pat.

Prior said...

You did a great job! and what a tease, you are! Lezlee

Amy @ said...

So cute, the color combination is perfect. Awesome idea to use the washcloth pattern. Thanks for stopping by

Sandy said...

I like it! It's very pretty and who doesn't like chocolate and blue?

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Coleen's Corner said...

I like your heirloom!

Kolein said...

Pat, the blanket is so nice and it will most likely stay in the family forever. Best part of hand made lovelies!!!

That fan. Oh man. That fan from your other post. Can't wait to see that once it's all jazzed and cleaned up. Never saw a fan like that before!

I want a barn.

The Boston Lady said...

Love the baby blanket. And congrats on the new grandbaby-to-be. How lucky he/she will be to have a grandma who is so darn creative. Now, what did you do with that fan?

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I love hand made blankets, and always wished I had one for my boys when they where little. I love those colors, and that will be something they will have forever, and it will be their favorite blankies too!~ Thanks for the drop in:)!~

Angie said...

I think the colors and pattern are perfect!