Thursday, April 8, 2010


Once upon a time in a little village not too far outside the kingdom of 
Big D, there existed a little known shoppe, where treasures did abound, 
and bargains were plentiful and ripe for pickin'. 

They called that place.

I went to Bargain-land. 

I love this little place. I've been shopping there for years. 
I've almost completely furnished my house with Bargain-Land deals.
Not really, but I have bought my fair share of STUFF

I asked them, "May I take pictures of your goods ;and get the word out far and wide of all the deals you have to offer?
They said, " Why, of course you may.  Tell all your friends we have lots of stuff to fill their homes." 

Yeah! I was happy. 
'Cause I couldn't wait to show you around! 

 (ok, enough Story telling....that hurts my brain) 
On with the show.

Welcome to Bargain-Land! 
This is their 'new' sign- they've only had it a year or so- 
they get the word by post card and word of mouth. 
It's in Kaufman County, South east of Dallas, 
On Hwy 175 West bound. 
About 2 mile SE  of Hwy 34 in Kaufman. 

I just took random pictures mainly because they have 
sooooo much stuff. 
Like this vanity and twin bed from the 20's and 30's! 
They must have gotten a truck load of ART DECO period furniture this go around. 
Because they had some great old pieces waiting to be snatched up 
and taken to their new homes. 

This Antique couch and chair. I looked it over pretty good. 
I am looking for something similar to this. I just recently found out that Honey likes this style of furniture. 
By this style I mean, old curvy, ornate. 
 This piece was sound with good bones, and good springs. 
The upholstery needed replacing and the stuffing was coming out underneath one of the cushions; 
 but the overall frame work was solid. 
This was outside my budget at $200.00 
But still a great buy

Isn't this little chair sweet? 
love the color of it-- apple green.

These are just some of the various items sitting around outside the pavilion. 
Bargain-Land has approx. 2 sales a month. 
The first one lasts usually from Tues- Sat. 
The second is usually a 3 day sale. 
From time to time they change the routine- for instance this past March
they actually had 3 sales. 
I didn't get to go to any of them.

Car parts, weed-eaters, microwaves, BATHTUB!

Cool steamer trunk. 
BargainLand is an old 'storage' facility. You know the type- you rent it month to month to store all your stuff. 
Well, this particular place doesn't do that. 
What they do is go to estate sales, auctions, and other storage facilities
and buy all of these items. The storage facilities sale your stuff if you default on your lease. 
They move it out-so they can store more stuff for someone else. 

The BargainLand folks buy up the goods, and bring them here and sell them at BARGAIN PRICES! 

Check these out...

Owls are really hot right now- arent' these owls so cute?  

More ART DECO furniture. 

You can find appliances here. 
Each of my kids that have set up house keeping have one time or another bought used appliances here with no problems. 
They've bought a stove, 'fridge, and a washer and dryer set (yep, they matched,even!) 

Sometimes an item might be missing a cushion.

Candle-sticks, shelves, spare candy dish lid! 


Crystal and glass platters, bowls, glassware. 

Oriental styled vases, urns, statuary. 

of these silver servers only $3.00 a piece. 

Piece Goods 
I  CAN'T tell you how many times I've bought a curtain panel, sheet, comforter and used it to sew a pillow cover, or recover a rocker; you name it, these old blankets and sheets can become anything you decide to make it. 
I like to purchase some of the items to make crocheted rag rugs.  These items are perfect for scrapping. 

These are very unique and individual lamps. Check out the ROUND MODERN LAMPS ON THE LEFT IN THIS PICTURE.  THERE'S A PAIR!

This Crystal lamp...$4.00. 



I didn't take pictures of the Owners and Staff...
but they are wonderful people too. 
Chris, Linda, Charlotte, TJ, and Tommy. 

They all work really hard to get these good deals out so you can shop and hurry home to tell the world you bought it at BARGAIN-LAND. 
Besides, they have to make room for more STUFF!
The End. 

God Bless you, today. 

Thank You for reading! 


Coleen's Corner said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like heaven to me. We have a similar store in our town, but the prices are pretty high in my opinion. Once in awhile I find a good deal and drag it home. That's the trouble with living in the middle of nowhere - long road trips are in order to find the good stuff.

Kolein said...

That must be a fun place to peruse! How about that stainless steel fridge? I'm looking to buy one of those! Wonder if there's a bargainy place like that here!!!

btw, I love your story telling! ;> said...

wow! lots of great stuff! The peddler's mall where I shop is a lot like this. You can tell the things are purchased from those storage places. It saddens me when I see picture frames with children's pictures.
thanks for taking us along! Also, thanks for visiting and making a comment on the headboard bench. It it were mine, I would have painted it, but Marybeth really liked the patina.

Linda said...

Looks like a fun place with treasures awaiting!

Amy Kinser said...

What a great place. Good for you to have such a place to shop for goodies.