Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is only the beginning

...Of the growing season.  It's gonna be a looong season.

See this tractor? 

Yes, it's been sitting here since the middle of last summer. 
It is needy. 
It needs help. 
Great tractor.
Strong tractor.

See this young man, working on the riding mower? 

He's our oldest son. 
Very helpful.
Always willing. 
He's got talent and tenacity.
This mower only needed some tweaking, maintenance, and a gentle nudge to get it ready for the season.
Yay! He got it running. 

See this tractor? 
That is my brother driving. That is his JOHN DEERE tractor. 
He drove down here about 75 miles; to come and mow for us this weekend. 
It was a blessing really, because you can see how tall the grass is in the field already. 

See these men? 
Brother on the left, Honey on the right. 

Object of their attention. 
Brother's tractor.

Ok. well, if you can't use the mower to mow the field...
You can use it to 

yes, I know that looks dangerous. 

But very effective.

They got it running again in order to mow...but then it rained. 
Ah...rain.  If it's not one thing

It's another. 
Bet you didn't know there was a jungle in Texas did you?

Anyway... Like I was saying, this is only the beginning of the growing season.  I've never in 16 years of living in the country WANTED COWS...but I'm starting to think it's not a bad idea.  One cow could eat 4 acres of grass, right? Just one.  That's all I'm saying. In the mean time ...

God Bless you- 

Thanks for reading! 


Laura said...

This post made me smile.
Oh the craziness in Texas (I live in South Texas), as we are all trying to plant and one day it is hot and the next day it rains.
I am not complaining about the rain-
Before you know it here , it will be an inferno!


Coleen's Corner said...

Oh, I do know your trials! We have the same problems on a smaller scale - only 5 acres, but golly it's a lot of hard work to keep everything looking good. That's why we have so many goofy animals out here - I call them natural weed eaters : )

Beth said...

Yep, that's Texas for ya! Isn't it amazing how once everything started to green up, it greened up fast!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Such fun post! How I adore your landscape! Magnificent!!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Ha, a cow might be a good idea! It surely can be frustrating working on the machines!

Pat Harris said...

What fun! I enjoyed reading this so much. Texas, huh? I visited once, Plano, Waco, San Antonio. It's so flat! I swore you could watch a dog run away for three days and not lose sight of it. lol Blessings, Pat

Kim said...

My husband and a friend pulled a stunt like the "tree trimming" one in your photos -- and came close to killing (or maiming) one of them when the tractor starting tipping over while the one in the bucket was operating a chain saw. Yikes! They were too sheepish to tell what happened until much, much later :-)

Got a kick out of your comment about me sounding a little like little house on the prairie. If you only knew me! LOL My idea of roughing it is a hotel without a pool. Or it was until God sent us to Uganda for a year where we lived without electricity. But I'm still no Mrs. Ingalls -- leaving my husband to do all the heavy lifting and outdoor stuff :-) We like to say God sent us to Africa for a year so life in Argentina wouldn't seem so bad. LOL

Kolein said...

Men do what they do. And I'm glad of it. Because you'd never catch me standing in that thing!!!

As far as the cows. They are kinda cute. Get one. Then you could blog about it!

I love all your land. It's truly beautiful!!! I was just telling my husband today on a drive downstate looking at all the farm lands and hills - "There is a romance to having a farm and land - even with all the work - there is something so gentle that draws me in."

Never been to TX, but I have friends who live in Plano and say that the sun is BIG and HOT!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Loved this post. If the tractor dies for good I suppose you can turn it into garden junk!
Great pictures and the whole thing made me smile. It's not as nice out yet here, but getting there....