Monday, May 24, 2010

Compost Bin and Mending Fences

Spent a couple of days last week mending some fence.  (by that I mean mending fences, not making up with the 

No really, around here you see some of the old ranchers use sticks to mend the fences around their corrals and barn yards.

So I started researching it...trouble is I couldn't find very many pictures.  So, I was just 'winging - it' ---( when you Google twig fence---all sorts of stuff comes up, like wattle and wickets...that looks like a lot of work).  Instead this is what we did.  I noticed today. The neighbor actually mowed his side (he couldn't get to it before) - I think he is glad we stood the fence back up. 

This is the first go we had a making a 'twig-fence'. 
Actually, we are just mending the fence. You can see the hog -wire in there. 
we just tied it together, and ran some T-post in the ground  (I don't think you can see them) 
Then we started tying the TWIGS TO THE EXISTING FENCE. 

Here is why..... 
This is Trouble with the fence. 

Yep, you read that right. 
I did NOT say trouble with the fence... 
I said Trouble with the fence. 
Trouble ...
that's the dog's name. 

Kind of like a bad comedy or something, huh? 

So right about now... 
Honey and I are wondering... 
Why didn't we grow a garden? 
He's retired.  I'm not too terribly busy... 
we've got land... 

I guess it just didn't occur to us to plant something. 
We've done it before; way back when the kids were little. 

AND living in the country was FRESH! 

It kind of went stale there for a while. 
So we got to thinking... 
we need to plan better. 

So then we built us compost bin...after we mended the fence

Here it is composting already. 
Well, it will be soon. 

This is a side view. 
In a few days I'll show you the gate we made for it... 
out of twigs. 
To keep Trouble out. 

That was a pretty good day. 
Got some mowing done too. 
The yard looks really good. 

This is the way back to the house...

Here is why... 

All work ceased. 
Then I sat on the porch swing 
and I think I can see the grass growing. 

Wish it was veggies- 
in a garden. 

We're hoping we'll get to have a little bit of a fall garden. 
Well, that's the plan anyway. 

That's it from here- for now. 

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 


The Boston Lady said...

Beautiful property and I've always said I don't mind a little bit of Trouble.

Coleen's Corner said...

Twig fences? Hmmm. Never heard of them, but looks like an interesting alternative to replacing high priced panels! Good idea!

Kolein said...

You went from Googling to making a twig fence....seems like time traveled a few centuries all in one day!!

Love the compost apartment!!!!

Trouble...maybe if his name was Happy or Good Dog he'd not knock down your fences??? LOL!!!!!!!!!

Miss ya!!!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I so envy you your space out there in the country! It's so pretty and serene looking out there.

Prior said...

My daughter and son-in-law have a nice raised bed garden. She just left/ saying she was going home to cook squash, yum. I think the raised beds are the way to go. My son, Josh went to Athens, to that cute organic garden place on the loop, for a class about 4 by 4 gardening. Then, he made my sister one. By the way,my two oldest sons are teachers at Kemp Jr. High.