Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is not an attempt to get anyone to leave Blogspot or whatever Blogging modality they are currently using.  
This is just a tutorial to help you surf the internet easier; to help you free up some of your own time and brain power from having to back track through your history or whatever method you use to retrace your WORLD WIDE STEPS... to find that cute little kitchen that has been redone in your favorite color scheme! 

You'll thank me later. 

The only reason I'm asking is... I just don't know if very many of you know about this great little tool. 
I've been using it about 1 year now and it is just SO HANDY! 
See that little red circle there in my picture of my screen?  it says: Share on Tumblr
What that button does is pop open a little window so you can save a link and go back to it later for quick reference.  It is like your own little personal memo pad!  

Let me explain.  

Suppose I found this really COOL BLOG  that was just a great place to hang out, learn new tricks, PARTY AND... meet knew people just like me that were interested in HONING THEIR MAD SKILLS! 

 So here I am.

But... I haven't got a lot of time to take notes on the great information that is being offered. So I go up to my Tool bar and click the SHARE ON TUMBLR button. 

This is what pops up... see that little window it saves the URL of the page of the Blog I'm currently visiting! 

There is even a place to write a note. 

So how do you get it? 
Go Here... (click the link below)

On the Tool bar click SIGN UP

Once you sign up... click the GOODIES button 

and there you'll see the SHARE ON TUMBLR button  
Click on it and drag it to your Tool bar.  

There you've just made searching the internet easier yourself!  

Go try it out and let me know what you think?  
I'm telling you... You're SO gonna THANK ME FOR THIS! 

Have Fun with it...
God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I do tumblr! It's where I keep my inspirational pics and sites.
However! They do go down. Yesterday tumblr was down for a long time. Servers overloaded.
That's why my blog will never be there.
BUT that being said, I DO love 'em!

Kolein said...

Never heard of it...well, that's not true. I have seen it mentioned on FB once. Never knew what it was.

So is it like a note pad/ file of the things you'd like to save for yourself and have access to?? Similar to bookmarking, but with more bells and whistles????

Sounds cool!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

You're SO right - I AM thanking YOU! Great tutorial, and I will try it soon.
Merry Christmas,

Tru said...

I have seen Tumblr around. Right now I use imgfave for pics I find, but I may have to try Tumblr.

Debbiedoos said...

This is a great tip! I have seen it and had no clue. I have learned so much in the past year it is amazing! Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my kitchen...