Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Silver Ware Drawer

When last I left you -- 
I was going on and on about my distraction with the lighting in my kitchen. 

When I say DISTRACTION~ that is because my latest project involves the Living Room- remember? 

Well, the truth of the matter is; sometimes when planning a strategy 
One must fall back and re-group. 
as in my case, become slightly distracted enough with some little shadow on the wall to clear away the cobwebs and begin to think clearly again! 
Which is what I did. 
so I had a little project over the weekend that helped me to do just that. 
Quick and Simple. 

It involved paint. 
I did it on Saturday afternoon. Why not? the weather was great, the circumstances perfect for painting. afterall it WAS 80 degrees here. (IT'S NOW IN THE TEENS, AND MY HOT WATER LINE IS FROZEN IN THE BATHROOM) translates: no shower!!!! but that is another post. 

You've seen these little typeset letters... had these for years and found them the other day and decided to display them again. So I put them in the drawer! 
...where the FORK AND SPOON GO

Isn't this cute?  My oldest daughter got these for me at the flea last fall.  They were a yucky golden color- I sprayed them Dollar General - gloss black... and put them in this drawer that I'm no longer using.    

I just washed up the drawer and lined it with a bead board wallpaper remnant... and vio`la !! 

This little plaque sits on top and it was white with a sponge painted pink around the edge and 'welcome'... I painted it black and I used gold spray paint and sponged in onto those raise parts... I like the black and gold.

I had the dresser turned on a 90 degree angle from where it is now sitting. I like this much better-- plus it had a bulletin board over it before the 'fork and spoon' drawer-- I like this. It is cleaner and much more tidy looking.  (you can read Ode to My Lil chest o'drawers here.)
Now, about the lighting in this room... this corner got painted creamy beige (yellow) too...but it still looks much brighter.  
It is what it is. Yellow.

 This is my table top close up. 
I like this. It's pretty. The brass and silver tray- was left in our barn when moved here. The tea set belonged to my MIL.  I made the crocheted doily. 

the basket... full of odd and end items, everyday stuff. It keeps it all together. 

I have to say, getting distracted on Saturday with the poor lighting in my kitchen was a blessing. I had decided I NEEDED something to get motivated around here; I'd let things go for far too long. I prayed God would get my attention and cause me to quit being idle. 
He answered my prayer. With a little shadow. I am liking the dining area of my kitchen now and it is coming together nicely. I'm feeling refreshed and motivated to move onto other projects now.  God knows just the distraction we need to get us up and moving-- 

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you go.. Eccl 9:10 

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading. 


Granny said...

Love that silverware drawer. Isn't spray paint the best invention? The spoon and fork look great the way you have them displayed. I hope you get your hot water line thawed out soon.

Stay warm. Granny

Coleen's Corner said...

I've always heard everything is BIG in Texas... now I believe it! Makes for a lovely display. I need a distraction or two or a dozen myself. Winter just makes me groggy!

Sandy said...

Your #4 for Grey color, for my floor.. thanks so much for your visit today...
Your bit of changes in your home are good ones and it sounds like your happy with your choices...
Hope your staying warm and safe in the nasty weather your all having.
Thanks again

Wendy said...

I would never have thought of hanging a drawer, but I love it. What a clever idea and the fork and spoon look perfect :)

shannon i olson said...

Great idea, love it. I wish it was 80 here!
I have been too idle and too self focused. I am afraid my idleness just leads to the self in my case. ick.

Adina said...

Pat - the fork and spoon are exactly like the ones I picked up. Like with anything else, styles always seem to come back around! I love the drawer idea.