Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something Caught My Eye the Other Day--

...and being somewhat A.D.D. I thought I'd snap a picture of it.
See?  If you look at it you can see that it is a totally random shot of a shadow of a chair. 
I had only recently moved a piece of furniture from this very spot. So the wall under the shelf is bare.(oh there is a shelf above the shadow)  
All except for the lone plug and lead glass 'nite-light' 
and the shadow of a chair of course. 
I had thought I  was going to post it as my NON-Sequitur photo this week BUT...  

So then I got this idea~  I'll paint it! I already had some yellow Oops! paint which is what I had painted it with before-- only this was a different shade... 
I know YELLOW!  
So stick with me here... Once I got that can of paint stirred really well I decided I was going to stamp this shade of yellow over the existing yellow--- and see about making some really cool 

Definition of JACQUARD

: a fabric of intricate variegated weave or pattern

That turned out to be ONE HOT MESS!!!  

So I started to paint. 
 Now... against my already Laffy Taffy colored wall (which is what it looked like in the can, but wasn't) this YELLOW resembled COVER-GIRL'S creamy beige!!!!! 
What in the WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?   I don't know... 
That's why it's called OOPS! PAINT FOLKS.  
It is what it is. 

Once I got the Bright Yellow covered -- CG-creamy beige began to look yellow again, only not SOOOO yellow. I slapped put ever so gently the shelf and picture back up and it looks nice. 
 The candle sticks were made by Honey in high-school -- (so they're like 43 yrs old) 
The wooden chicken weather vane is a piece of folk art I've had and spray painted today with ORB, I also painted a little candle pedestal that one of the candle sticks is sitting on top of there; the little white night cream jar was dug up near the pond -- I have old keys in that. 

Below is my before and after

Oh, yeah, got rid of that dallas Cowboy Memorabilia--


(Cover Girl- CREAMY BEIGE) 

Both yellow! I also played around in another corner of the kitchen and I'll show you pictures of that tomorrow. 
Here is a sneak peak-- 

I have to say though-- this little diversion has given me fresh eyes for the Living Room~ 
Which I am not in the least bit finished with! 

So did I tell you?  
I think the lighting in my kitchen is horrible . 
Yeah, I do. 

God Bless you
Thanks for reading! 

I'm posting this here: 

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Granny said...

I love your new paint color. Those wooden candlesticks remind me of those made by the boys in the wood shop when I was in high school. They look great grouped together on your shelf.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

awww, it's sooo nice! I love the new color. How sweet to have something so special on the shelf! (candlesticks)
it's amazing how much the paint color changed the whole look!.

Lindy said...

Great new paint color! I love the candlesticks AND the story behind them!

Prior said...

I love it! and like the little folk art weather vane painted...my bathroom upstairs is called butter, but it looks like highlighter yellow, lol. I just don't go up there...teenage boys bathroom. He could care less what color it is, lol. After years of not having a bathroom up there he is just glad the toilet flushes!