Friday, February 25, 2011

So I had this window see...

which is perfect-- because this post is about Old windows! 

It came out of my house originally. 
I've had it UP FOR YEARS...

Then I started seeing something around blog land...
EvERY body has a window that gets put up on a wall. 

and I decided I'd do something like this in my newly painted Living room... 
Yeah, that is better! 
 I attached hooks to the top and used a little Jute string and hung my cross collection from that window. The lower left hand cross I wrapped with JUTE string and used an 'L' brackets and mounted it that way... 
Oh yeah,  I'm thinking I like this  A LOT! 
Now my WINDOW is starting LOOK different FROM ....

Yes!  Did I see Miss Polly  (whom I happen to think is great!) with her  "SUPER-DUPER-OOPER-SCHMOOPER-BIG-IDEA" 
(sorry, too much Sid the Science Kid with the 2 year old Grand-girl!) 

Yes. I. Did. 
How sweet is that? 
With all those little birdie things? 

Then quite to my surprise-- 
Donna went and had a party~ 

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special she does every week!  
and I saw these great ideas for windows. 


And I saw another really cool window that was used with chicken wire instead of glass and in it's 
totally chippy glory-- 
I didn't save the spot, a photo, or anything... 
(now I'm wishing I had!) 
But it was really great. 
So, you can just imagine it... 
*** edited to say here it is I found it again! 

and this one from belonging to her friend Jodi 
Aren't they great? 

So...I'm posting this to say... 
I thought I was onto something. 
Take my old idea of using and old chippy window, 
and remake it into something NEW..
you know where you use an OLD window 
and arrange it with some old collection of stuff you have laying around that needs to be hung back up on your bare walls... 
Then I see ... it's an OLD idea ALREADY! 

I'm such a trend setter. 
Y'all catch on so quickly! 

~~~~~God Bless you and Thanks for Reading.~~~~~


Prior said...

I love your crosses on your window, how cool it came from your house originally. I love when I can keep pieces from this place! And I love that M. POlly's. Your whole was is looking great! Lezlee

abby jenkins said...

It's clear to see you have some divine intervention with that idea! I love it, love it, love it.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love it that yours was your own orignally. That makes it all the more special. Definitely a trend setter!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I came over here because I spotted this post at Funky Junk and I loved the crosses on your window. And what did I find but a link to my blog for the bulletin board I posted last week. Glad somebody likes it besides me ;) I have lots of crosses (just picked a new/old one up last week). I may have to see if I have enough big ones to do something similar.

Vicki said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing my windows. I love all of these ideas actually. I plan to change mine frequently. Appreciate the inspiration!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

You have a great collection of crosses and they look wonderful hung in the old window frame.

Unknown said...

I love yours more than I love mine Pat!
I used to have a big cross collection, but in a pinch, I sold them to a client that needed to fill a wall for a party on a deadline. Live and learn I suppose. I remember when I was a little girl that my step aunt, who lived in a mobile home, had different sized windows painted different colors hanging down her hallway. She put family pictures on the glass pieces. I remember very clearly telling my mother that Aunt Johnnie had 'stupid' windows all over her wall! My oh my, how the tides have turned. :)

Thanks for the mention dear.

Red Door Home said...

So many great possibilities for old windows. I have one in my house in which I replaced the glass with mirror.

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Looks great, I love your spin on it, gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by Three Boys! I hope to see you around again soon!