Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Fortune Squandered and Tied-up in Video Tape

I'm still working on my living room and doing a little bit of tweaking. 

I know you've heard it said all over Shelter-blogs everywhere...
"everyone has IT no need to show IT off." 
'every one has IT, so let's NOT make a focal point out of it" 

Right now you're probably wondering what "IT" is... 
It's the television and entertainment center, of course!

So here is my before...
Notice my GARGANTUAN sized TV sitting up there, right next to the ceiling???
Please pay no attention to HAN SOLO there  on the TV set.   STAR WARS never goes out of style does it? especially with boys in the house. 
It sort of makes the entertainment center looks so small. 
I know what you're probably thinking. 
"Entertainment Center? That looks an awful lot like a ply-wood cabinet."
Then I say: 
"Why, how very perceptive of you. In fact it IS a ply- wood cabinet; thrown together some 17 years ago and has served many a purpose beside entertainment.  
But that isn't important right now. Right now, what is important is how we've once again made it functional as a CLOAKING DEVICE!" 

This is half of it (HALF only because I wasn't taking a picture of the entertainment center, but of that window!)  after I painted it (the ET center not the window, although now I see the window has been... oh forget it!) with a thin wash of white paint.

This a close up just after white wash paint with the TV -NOT in the picture. (on the spot editing,YAY!) 
Notice you cannot see the skeletons in this closet  entertainment center... because it was just too scary!  REALLY. 

This is my entertainment center tonite.(but you knew that already from the shadows and bad lighting-smile) 
 No. This photo is not upside down. Do not attempt to adjust your screen. 
Nor did we FLIP it. ('cause y'all know me and what I'm capable of) 

Today, We (Honey and I and youngest son) removed the upper shelf from inside the cabinet and put the TV inside the cabinet. Which is where our old TV used to be, but this TV was always too big. 
We're not in the market for a FLAT TV-- because this one isn't really that old. 
We will watch THIS TV ...UNTIL. IT. DIES.

 This is the GUTS
 today; after I put only what I'm keeping back. 
This is a temporary fix--  I'm getting an idea of basket and box sizes needed to make this a functional  AND PRETTY  storage for all our entertainment needs. 

We also moved the doors up to reveal the bottom shelf and leave it open. I'm testing out these baskets; until something better comes along or I get creative and build something to go there.

Just so you know... I wasn't kidding about it being TOO SCARY~~ 

This is real folks. My fortune squandered and tied up in video tape. Stackin' 'em DEEP and sellin' 'em CHEAP! 

That's it. 
That's what I was up to today.

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God Bless Y'all
Thanks for Reading! 


The Boston Lady said...

Oh this had me laughing! We have invested in a flat screen, but still have those video tapes around with no VCR to watch them on! Life is so funny sometimes. I love your doors on your center, but most of all I love your honesty. You always keep it real and that above all is priceless. Ann

Coleen's Corner said...

You let me know what you do with all that there video tape because I did the same thing with our entertainment center! I now have boxes and boxes of tapes and cds and whatevers sitting around - lol. AND a huge entertainment center sitting in my kitchen looking rather misplaced!

Granny said...

I love your entertainment center. Give me a cabinet made from rough barn boards with a couple of knot holes in them over fancy furniture any day. I like the way you have the baskets at the bottom.

We have one of the flat screen tvs but we also have tvs in every room but the kitchen and bathrooms. I refuse to let Grampy put tvs there.

Had to laugh about your Hans Solo comment. Star Wars is alive and well at our house and we don't even have little boys here. It's Grampy that watches it.

I hope you find a storage solution for your video tapes. We have three cabinets full of video tapes and one cabinet full of CDs.

Debbiedoos said...

Ya know that is an awesome piece. I would love to find something like that for my sons room, for books and misc, stuff. Nice job! Thanks for joining my newbie party.

michelle said...

I love your TV cabinet, the wood is perfect and I think that you did a great job arranging it for the tv to fit inside. We just got rid of a ALOT of tapes as well and it hurt a bit I must say. :) LOVE Star Wars and will watch it whenever I can. :)

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I love it!!
Thats what I am going to call all my chaos from now on ;)
What is funny is, I just asked my hubby YESTERDAY about the pile of 25+ family/vacation VCR tapes on his file cabinet in our office.
He kept our VCR and hooked it up to this and that to turn them into DVDs, but hasn't done it (2 years they have sat there).
I found a place for him yesterday here in town (Bianchi Video) that turns 1 hrs. worth of video to DVD for $10.
Guess where I'm going today to drop some "things" off?
Thank you for your realness and letting your guts hang out! ;)
You inspired me to get over to Bianchi's!
Thank you for coming to my party!
Did you enjoy the punch and fellowship?
Blessings to you as you make your home!

Anonymous said...

Love it all. I agree if TV is working properly it's best to wait to upgrade. We do that too. We also have quite a few VHS's we collected for the kids when they were younger and although we use a DVD player more often, we still use the VCR from time to time. All these initials are making me dizzy. ;)

I must say my favorite of all is your blog title though. hehehe Spectacular!

Glad I found you through the Purge Party. Blessings!

Tara Beaulieu said...

I love that not only did you make a giant dent in sorting through all your TV related junk (that YES we all have!) but you also worked with what you had and managed to restructure the TV cabinet to work better for you instead of tossing it out and buying new. Way to reuse!

Visiting today from the Purge Party at Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!