Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back before New Years-- I had a great big opportunity to meet Lezlee from Prior lives... 

I blogged about it here in a little snippet of another post. 

She is so sweet y'all. 
She gave a WHOLE GREAT BIG post about our visit a while back today-- 
her great big post doesn't do justice for her great big heart! 

Such a sweet lady... 
Go and visit her if you haven't met her already- Leave her a sweet comment or just Say Hi! 
Tell her I sent ya! 


Have a good one!

God Bless you 
thanks a big big bunch for reading! 


Granny said...

I read Lezlee3's post about meeting you. I'm so jealous that y'all got to meet. You are two of my blogger friends that I'd love to meet and give a big ole hug.

michelle said...

Aww that is so wonderful that you got to meet a bloggy buddy! What a great day and I love the tassel that you made her. I hope that you get a chance to meet up again, I love blogland! :)