Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking back? At what?

2010 IN REVIEW!!! 
I've been reading over so many blogs the last week and seeing everyone's accomplishments for 2010; and well, I've already posted what my intentions are for 2011 in my HOPE TO list-- so what did I accomplish this year?

I have no idea where to start!  I've had lots of irons in the fire and honestly-- I don't know that I've actually FINISHED VERY MANY PROJECTS...

We'll see by the end of this post, won't we?

Let's see  I did some work on furniture-
and received an honorable mention from

Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog can read about it here.

I had some help creating a cute little place to put my magazine...(this was while I was still on my previous blog..but it got rave reviews and everyone still loves my little MAG-WAGON... 

I participated in my first workshop ,with Donna from FJI giving us TONS OF ENCOURAGEMENT!!! I didn't win votes for BEST WORKSPACE... but in the end WE WERE ALL WINNERS  cause we ended having a super cool place to work!  NOT TO MENTION IT WAS FUN!!!!!

I also feel like I've accomplished much this year with HONEY being NEWLY retired. 

We've worked together on a few projects...

Our Pawn shop Saturday scored a new camera and chainsaw! 
Prioritizing projects beginning with the bedroom- His and Her Empty Nest -a place of Peace! 

Now please take note-- in the process of this year, I moved my blog to the current URL and I hope to have all of those posts moved one day. In the mean time clicking some of these photos takes you to 
AKA: Corn in My Coffee Pot (before moving URL's)  Yes it's complicated but Here I am now. 

While looking to see what HAS BEEN accomplished-- I've seen that I've left some projects unfinished (frankenshelves are NOT painted STILL!!!) and some are still JUST ideas waiting to be hashed out-- I'm a true procrastinator AT HEART. I'm not braggin' (as we say here in TEXAS) -- just stating the facts!  
I hope to do better. Hey! there is another thing to add to my HOPE TO list!!! 
Hope to NOT procrastinate so much

The other thing WAY MORE worth looking back on for 2010 
are the new additions to our family 
and the Gratefulness to God for tending his littlest sheep
The Cousins-- 



And lastly-- 
I'm glad to look back on a year of blogging and seeing a community of new found friends!  I've enjoyed getting to know so many of you throughout the year of blogging.  So many women have a heart for caring for their homes, families, marriages, children and Glorifying God in their homes-- it is a blessing to see a renewed interest in women's hearts having a bent toward homemaking!  

Which brings me to today!!  
I got to meet a blogger buddy in person - I'm so excited to have made a connection with my new friend Lezlee   My Photo  
from 'Priorlives' 


She is such a beautiful Godly person--we had lunch and chatted it up for 1 1/2 and still had a ton to talk about if time had allowed.  I feel like I've made a friend for life! 

And...I had my camera in my purse and can you believe it?  I didn't get a shot of us together!  UH! what was a thinking?  We were so busy talking... I just forgot. But we had an enjoyable time! She brought me two bags of old magazines... one of my many vises...and we have such similar interests it is hilarious! 

That's it ...that's my list.  I think I'm linking up here.... 

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 


Anonymous said...

Love your dresser! So fun that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I have had the blessing of meeting several also and it is just amazing how we all hit it off so well!!

Prior said...

I am still excited about our great lunch! It is probably a good thing we had to leave or we might be there still! I am going to blog about it too, but you beat me to it! I left my camera at one of my kids house, I hope, because I don't have it.

I love your dresser and I saw MMSeeds in a mag the other day, that I didn't buy...I browse mags for free, sometimes, shhh...William wonders how I can be at the store so long. But it reminded me of your great chest of drawers.

I can't wait to see what we get into this next year! Lezlee

Coleen's Corner said...

You got to meet Lezlee! Awesome! Texas will never be the same! Liked your look back - and you plans for ahead. Beautiful babies you have there, what little blessings and miracles they are. Merry New Year to you and yours!

Amber D. Mcnabb said...

Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving some kind words. I do believe I love your blog and I look forward to following it. And I love love LOVE your rolly magazine thingy.

Erin said...

I love that stenciled dresser! Thanks for sharing!

Kolein said...

You met Lezlee!!! I WANT to meet her too! She's seems so sweet and kind!! I want to meet you PAT!!!!!!!! TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've LOVED getting to know you a bit and especially LAUGHING OURSELVES SILLY!!! Well, I was laughing. I hope you were!!!!

Praise God for those babies!!!!!!!


Cindy said...

It looks to me like you accomplished quite a bit! Your shelves will look great once they are painted, I just know it.
The babies are darling! And I love the painting on that dresser.
Happy New Year!
Hugs, Cindy