Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm trying to grow AVOCADO trees: 

I found this picture here: Frugal Country Mom 

And then hopefully AVOCADOS! 
 from the pits! 

 3 AVOCADO PITS  the one in the middle being the oldest.   Didn't know if  it would grow or not. I let it dry out in the window and it shriveled pretty much, it eventually was tossed into my little gravy boat-slash- sink plug holder and all but forgotten! 
This was before I knew you were supposed to soak them. 
The other two I prepped for planting right away; 

To prep an avocado: 
 First need to soak it.  I soaked mine over night COMPLETELY IMMERSED IN WATER. 
The next day I 
Peeled as much of the brown outer layer off that I could and
 Place toothpicks into the pit. 
Fill  a jar or coffee cup with water and let sit in a warm window or under a grow light. 

Here's Why:  

My shriveled up OLD Pit sat in the window since Christmas...YES! 
and when I finally started trying to grow it ~ It was January. 
It took a while and then finally one day we noticed THIS! 

No that is not a tooth pic there in the circle is the actual root. So we placed it under the GROW LIGHT. 

CAN YOU SEE THE little plant in that crack there?  It is going to sprout very soon. 

While the Old little pit was doing it's thing in the Northern Window...V.E.eeRY SLO-OW-LY... 

THIS Pit was in a SOUTHERN WINDOW and it was coming along too 
It has only been under the grow light a approx. 2 weeks and it has already begun to sprout inside the little crack, although no root is protruding yet. 
I'll have to take another PROGRESS PICTURE OF IT. 

Below is the 3rd Avocado with some scaring... I sliced my finger when I cut open this Avocado... OUCH! it hurt. SO THE AVOCADO ISN'T THE ONLY THING WITH SCARRING... 
 I' m showing this one because the SPLIT IS GOING TO RUN  opposite the scarring line. 

It looks like it may split in a another day or so. 

This is what I've learned or come to understand about growing Avocados. They are pretty hardy as fruit trees. 
They do Very well in warm climates. (I'm in Texas, so this is good)  The smaller the pit, the hardier they are in cool temperatures and can stand extremes in the TEENS. 
With any Hope at all... I should yield fruit from my 3 Avocado Trees in 3-4 years. 
I've not gotten too far ahead, 
I'm assuming ,once big enough, that planting on the South side of my house would be the best place for them and shield them from strong CHILLING Northern Winds.  I'm not certain of watering, a little? or a Lot?  Drainage and soil type also is something I need to find research as well.  I never question if I should plant them in the Ground or Pot.  If in doubt... I just plant in the Ground; because after all EVEN A HOUSE PLANT started out in The Garden, right? 

Oh! and the most important thing that I've learned about growing Avocados is: 
mMMMmmmm.... I LOVE it! 

So, I've not ever done this before. Maybe you've grown Avocados and have something to add in the comments. Please feel free. 

God bless you 
Thanks for Reading!

I'm taking this to the Prairie Homestead Barn-Hop!  


Coleen's Corner said...

How exciting! I've never known an avocado farmer before! I know nothing about growing them, but it looks like you've got a great start. I'd say if you can get the pit to sprout you're on your way. Good luck. It will be fun watching them grow. Yummy!

Southerner said...

thank you so much for your encouraging words! i really appreciate the verse Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I was scared my post sounded like i was fearing without trusting, and that isn't the case. just adjusting and taking an account. so thank you!

ha- your alvacado growing looks like solar systems :) hope you get some trees, that would be so cool. i love alvacados.

Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

Oh, I hope it works out for you!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados. I'd be thrilled to have a tree here too. Not sure if they would do okay in my area, but I'd like to look into it. Did you start these from store bought seeds? I'm just wondering if you did, if they will grow true. Keep us posted!

Motherhen said...

Do you have the pit with toothpicks sticking out sitting in the water or just hovering above the water in the jar? It's hard to tell from the photos.

I've even thought about trying to espeillier the tree against the southern brick wall of my house. We're in Zone 9, SW LA, but it still freezes and gets cold. We had ice storms this year.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi all! thanks for all the comments on the Avocados...
just answer a couple of questions here.

KENDRA: Yes they are store bough avocados and I saved the seed from them.

PAULA : the toothpicks ARE sticking out of the PIT and about HALF THE AVOCADO OR MAYBE 3RD is immersed in the water.

And... they seem to really like it warm, under the grow light, cause they are going to town!
Thanks y'all !


luckybunny said...

That is amazing!

Jenn said...

Good luck with the avocado trees! I still think avocado on toast is the most heavenly breakfast - especially when you picked the avocado yourself.

Unknown said...

Oh so jealous!! I adore avocados and would put them on everything if I could!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and I hope you get to come back and visit again soon!

Georgia said...

corn in my coffie pot is a inserinng name you have so much good stuff on your blog i love it so so so much.