Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Does my Garden Grow?

Today Yesterday, we transplanted some young peach trees that came up on their own out behind the barn. We have three larger trees back there-- and haven't had much luck the last few years because there it too much shade~ the soil is rich and great so if nothing else... we get good trees out of it; just not much in the way of peaches.

So this year~ all things gardening for us; we moved some trees and hope to get peaches off them in the next few years!   We're hoping  since we've thinned out the trees behind the barn-- we'll get peaches there this year.

We placed the 'new' trees in our ever growing Potager-- Kitchen garden. I think that is what it means.  Why a kitchen garden?  Well, it must be because I can see it from my Kitchen window while doing the dishes, of course. 

This is from Garden Webs forum:  

Potager Gardens

A potager garden is the French counterpart to the English kitchen garden, but with an emphasis on growing vegetables. Get ideas and share your visions for new ways to intermingle vegetables, flowers and herbs in small spaces.

So that is what we're calling it. Now when I say Potager-- you know what I mean. 
We also planted some herbs.

Cilantro, Oregano, and Dill.  I planted it near the Garlic that we trans-planted there too.  The Garlic grows wild on our acreage. I found this small clump behind the barn and moved it.  Don't know what will come of it this year-- but we'll see.  I know we'll also get plenty of Garlic from the other spots where it grows wild. Do you know anything about wild garlic? We've eaten it so far without any problems.   

Let's see we planted Okra, Sunflowers and Zinnia's too. 
It's hard to see the little Okra plants...but they're there.  We mulched everything with pine needles.

As for the Hugelbeet~ we transplanted some Tomatoes and a couple of Okra plants there too (experimenting with this thing to see how it will work for us here in our hot climate) 

Speaking of Climate~ Saturday it was in the 80's and then over nite Saturday and then Sunday--it plummeted to the mid to upper 40's and is going to be cool most of the week.  Tomorrow we're getting some much needed rain.  With the TEMPS being cooler-- I wondered how everything would do-- but when we were planting the Hugelbeet today; the soil was really warm when I dug my hand inside to place my little plants!
It's exciting~   all of the activity around our place.

I know that the Hugelbeet looks like a hodgepodge of stuff-- so, I made a diagram to show where things were planted. So you could sort of make sense of it all. BUT REALLY... it's to help me remember what everything is!

I've had to start a Garden journal too.  I sketch it out and make notes and record temps and junk!

Now if we can just get it together enough to get some chickens!  
Oh I'd love me some fresh eggs! 

God Bless you and Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

If ya can see it from the kitchen window, it's a potager! Of course! What else? :D Isn't this an exciting time of year?! I need to keep a garden journal too! Sketches, notes, and all! I hope to make it artistic, beautiful, and attractive to keep me coming back to add to it!

Amy Kinser said...

Everything looks like it is going to wonderful. My husband has a kitchen table full of plants that he has started for our garden. I can't wait to get them into the ground and have fresh veggies and herbs growing again.

Blessings to you and all of your eforts.

Prior said...

Happy late birthday and what a fun surprise party. Your garden is looking good...We have a small garden...need to post some pics. I'll call mine a potager, too...so French, maybe it will make them taste better, hee hee!
the trip was so much fun! but my camera broke.

Coleen's Corner said...

Love it! Kitchen Garden because you can see it from the Kitchen window - you crack me up! I just love these pictures... I can almost smell the soil - more snow in our area today... this is getting old. Wild garlic? Never heard of it! 'course I thought it grew at the grocery store - lol. You're going to have a wonderful garden full of goodies. Do keep us posted!

Robbie Palm said...

I agree- love the comment "kitchen garden you can see it from the kitchen window"... Will enjoy following a kitchen garden in Texas. You had quite a jump between 80 and 40...but you can still keep your veggies which will be fun to eat. I'm hoping our veggies stay put since here in Illinois zone 5 we are covering at night at 20 degrees...but our daytime highs are climbing up to 40 and soon maybe 50. Your garlic grows wild.WOW!I planted ours last fall and it is about 6 inches tall. We harvest in the summer. We are putting new fruit trees in our small lot. We do not have acreage, however, a plum and new apple in backyard will join our pear and apple that provide a lot of fruit to eat!

Old Time Cindy said...

Wow...peach trees...I wish!!! Looks like you have a good variety for your garden. Waiting for it to warm up a bit here in KY!


Leontien said...

Well its looking good. Hopefully in a couple of years you have some great peaches!

and yes fresh eggs would be nice!


Teresa said...

Fresh peaches are the best. Hope your trees do well. The garden is looking good. I'm looking forward to being able to do some outdoors gardening.

marcia said...

It's looking good! I hope to do some planting this week..for the cool weather crops!

We want to plant alot of dill too..hoping to attract swallowtail caterpillars!

happy day!