Monday, March 28, 2011



Saturday was my birthday-- I got the usual rounds of phone call 'birthday blessings' but nothing spectacular. Well, my youngest daughter and SIL brought the boys over for a short visit- and then we all went to Sac-A-Burger-- ( a local burger joint in town) for supper. It was fun!

Sunday, Honey and I got up , went to church and went about our usual day of rest.  We had talked about going over to a near by town and checking up on a travel trailer ...we're tossing around some ideas on that.
and....Then! he proceeded to drive all over the COUNTY...looking for more camper trailers just lying dormant on peoples properties ...mmmhmmm. 
The whole time I've got a stomach ache, btw that started a church,didn't really want to go in the first place--no. not today. Wanted to be home having my SUNDAY NAP. 
After a few cell phone calls and now getting irritated with wasteful gas practices-- and OUR nosey kids that keep calling -- What?  I'm just telling you truth.

I get home... glad to be there. Wondering where is the daughter that called and said she was wondering where we are?  and that is supposed to be AT MY HOUSE?  NOW. I'M REALLY IRRITATED. Her CAR IS NOT IN THE DRIVE WAY.


YES! my family surprised me.  Never ever in a million years expected it. 
All my kids- grandkids, BOTH MY BROTHERS... AND my Daddy.  ALL HERE! IN. MY. HOUSE. 

 I got  this cute little picture from my Sis-inlaw--- that sums up how I feel about Honey! cute.

AND~~~ from the kids- flowers and gift cards to all my favorite stores!  YAY! money---

I'm not irritated anymore.

PS~ I've never had a surprise party-- I have thrown them, but not received one. 
So when my oldest Son- inlaw said " you didn't look very surprised."  
I told him "that was MY  SURPRISED FACE~  the look of SHOCK AND AWE. 

God Bless you and Thanks for Reading. 


MamaMonki said...

Happy belated birthday!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

well, ain't that a hoot! :) How fun! Happy belated birthday!
yay for those gift cards! Can't go wrong there!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What a cute post! I've never had a surprise party, either. Something to look forward to one day. Looks like your family spoiled you. Have fun shopping :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have never had a surprise party, what fun and those are my kind of gifts....Gift cards! Happy birthday! I guess those nosey kids are OK LOL!


Kolein said...

Oh Pat!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!!!! What a wonderful thing to do for YOU!!

HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!!!!!

I especially loved all the truth of what you were feeling and thinking while driving around.....and then, boom, SURPRISE!!!! YAY! Such a happy post!


Granny said...

A very belated happy birthday. I'm glad your day turned out well and you were surrounded by family.

Coleen's Corner said...

Happy belated birthday! What a fun family you have! Surprise parties are a blast, have thrown many myself. Love the "that was my surprised face"! Lol - too funny!

Unknown said...

You're too funny! So glad it worked out beautifully! Happy Birthday! God grant thee many more!