Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Good Philosophy-

"Most of my life was spent in trying to figure out how to do a $50.00 project for 50 cents, and the remainder of my time was spent in trying to scrounge up the 50 cents."- David Gingery 

"No doubt, many of us identify with this statement. Although mildly amusing, it is painfully true. Few of us can produce the ready cash for those projects that may very well mean more to the inner person than does that which we do daily for a living.(emphasis mine)  The result is that we learn to do the impossible by the most improbable and impractical means, but the resulting success is rewarding beyond measure."

I wish I could take the credit for the previous paragraph. But I can't. 
I was recently introduced to the philosophy above; it put into words exactly how I think and act in all the little projects that I am involved with around my home.  Most of the time though, I'm stymied by the fact that I don't have any cash to do everything I really want to do. When in reality it isn't the cash that is MY problem. My problems with completing and doing a project have more to do with REJECTION, CRITICISM, (from HONEY) and mainly with my own self-doubt. I'm not saying Honey is overly critical (even constructive criticism is a good thing) I just object to it; and even at times take it personal. So therefore- I thwart my own efforts early on; foreseeing I may be on the receiving end of it(criticism)!   

Now if you read the above quote and are curious- it was written by a man named David Gingery (you can read his article here)  Like him, I have things I want to do that mean more to me than ordinary daily life.  I don't want to build a shaping tool or delve into the "Fundamentals of Metal Casting" but I do want to build a chicken coop complete with scratch yard or create a pantry in a kitchen that otherwise may not have one and I want to have hand-scraped kitchen floors like the ones I've read about online. 

So, what is an gal to do when she is as broke as an old joke?  I try and figure out a way to do it with the least amount of cash necessary; and get on with it!  
It takes hard work. Motivation. Ideas AND YES! at times criticism. Let's face it-- most times I'm my own worst critic anyway. 

So, for now, we're at a lull in our Vintage Trailer rebuild-- because of necessary funds to purchase some items-- but that hasn't stopped us.  We are busy scraping away on paint, hammering out bent tin, stuffing crevices with insulation... doing grunt work I call it; while waiting on lumber and things. Hey we even took some boards from Honey's brother; they had been 2x4's and he ripped them down on his saw for us to 2x2's and we'll either be using those on the trailer or possibly the chicken coop. Who knows? 

As for the hand scraped floors?  Well, that's just it. The only way to get 'hand-scraped' floors is hand!  That's on my list of things to do. I'll probably be doing that one slow corner at a time. I have to start somewhere-- nothing like a little hard work and application and then when you stand back and observe all you've accomplished-- the feeling of accomplishment you feel, makes it all worth while! 

God Bless you and Thanks for Reading! 


Amy Kinser said...

I truly believe that God blesses our hard work...our diligent hands.

Blessings to you and Honey.

Kolein said...

I get soooooo motivated in my mind. Getting my hands to do it is another thing. I think I fear success and failure all in the same breath. I am learning how to start and complete projects. Since I began blogging I have accomplished more projects that have dangled in my mind for years. They are small ones...that don't cost much money or 'wear and tear' just in case I have to rip the thing apart and go back to square one!

So. The moral of the story: I'm with ya, babe!


Coleen's Corner said...

Shoot. If I had the money, I'd no doubt spend it on something else anyway. Criticism? What makes us so afraid of our own ideas? I know what you're saying there... criticism can send me to the corner vowing to never try anything again! But who can quell the dreams and desires of our hearts? Nobody. And so it goes. I too get overwhelmed with ideas impatient with progress and pouty with poorness - but it's usually when I compare my projects with others. I think it is what I believe that must be mastered the most. Today I'm gonna believe I have everything I need : )

Unknown said...

I LOVE this man's quote! Boy does it apply to us! Painfully. I call it "the holding pattern." It seems we're always in a holding pattern, waiting for the funds which rarely ever materialize even after attempting to lay aside funds for certain things. What is the problem anyway? Oh, little unimportant things like auto-insurance (a soap-box waiting to happen on that one...), fuel, etc. The money always goes to what's "important." But all this time it serves to awaken a little understanding, like what our priorities really are. And once they are understood, well, things start happening! Funds start up again, a little at a time, as though to make sure you remember those good worthy priorities. You've struck a philosophical/faith-based nerve here!

Lisa said... is not a virtue I have but with the Good Lord's help? I am learning...scrounging is what I love most but sometimes I find myself wishing I just HAD the 50 cents!lol!
I am such a stubborn donkey? I look at criticism as someone else's view...and a challenge to debate their views and change my mind. ( love to debate!)
Your accomplishments speak for themselves, have nothing to be afraid of! My bottom lip has hit the floor a few times while encountering your ingenuity!

Lisa said...

Oh...and if I lived near you? I would come over and scrape those floors any way you wanted them! I have "experience" now...hee hee

michelle said...

Great post Pat! I am usually the one that stands in my way due to the same, criticism. I am my own worst enemy but luckily, sometimes, my boredom overtakes that feeling and I just dive right in. I love doing the grunt work, well, most of the time. We painfully chipped out out tile floor in our kitchen a while ago by hand, so I am feeling your pain. It was a good way to take out aggression but I would not do that again!
Keep doing what you are doing, you have some amazing things going on here! :)