Saturday, April 9, 2011

Potager Progress and Piles of work to do--

Our Potager is coming along. 
Everything is starting to grow and take off pretty good. 

 These are our green beans-- they've sprouted.  If you look at the top of the photo you can see two little transplants I put in the ground almost a month ago. All the other plants are from seed. I planted them directly in the dirt.  They've almost caught up!

 These are our potatoes. I took these pictures on Monday this week. They've grown tremendously since then!
I can't wait to get potatoes out of here. At the top of the picture - you can see our small corn rows... The corn is finally sprouting!  I hope it grows ups and I get some ears!  I love fresh corn!

This is the okra bed.  I  don't know why- but they aren't doing so great. I planted about 8 plants here; we've lost 2 and we have 2 in the Hugelbeet... Hope to get some okra.  Since I have some space left in this bed. I think I'm going to plant some Tomato transplants and maybe later in the season so Onions for the fall.

We've been busy with the outside gardens and camper-- but now I've got to turn my attention to the inside I've let some things go.

And... I've got 2 bedrooms that have stacked up with junk, crafts , collections , baby toys, and MIL spares from her house...
Honestly, I've been just fine closing the door and not looking in there.

But-- Now it has become a problem.  We're going to be having house guest for 2 wks maybe a month.... and they need beds!!!!!

So... I'm gonna be busy the next few days... I hope to take some pictures and let you see the progress.
**********************NON-SEQUITUR PHOTO TO FOLLOW***********************

Here is a really cool picture of our Bois d'arc tree. 
(that white board is 'fort residue' from when my kids were little; have no idea why they built a fort in this tree; as it is FULL OF THE LARGEST THORNS EVER!) 
*edited to say: 
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Granny said...

Your beans are doing great. I hope to plant some pole beans next week. Planting your potatoes in groups like you do, how do you hill them up as they grow?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I have no idea...
do tell! What do you mean? We've always just planted them this way-- when I say always I mean the 5 times in 15 years that I've maybe planted potatoes! LOL...

Unknown said...

Looking good... I'm off to check our frost table before planting seeds today! Going to get my Lady Banks Rose in next to the Hen House too...
Thanks for your entry!

Verde Farm said...

Love your potager garden. We are going to try this as well this year. Love your blog :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Teresa said...

Looks like your garden is doing great!