Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you Ever Read a Blog?

I came across a blog while checking out Donna's FJI- SNS late Friday night.

I went there to read about a Free Repurposed-Reused Kitchen...
(because well, I love Free Repurposed and Reused stuff!)

Her kitchen went from THIS!
* Not her mess btw-- well, she bought this mess-but she didn't make it. 

TO THIS!!!!!! 

...and I've been reading ever since!

Since Friday night-- every time I come to the computer--- I read THE DILLETANTE PROPRIETOR 
I've read the whole thing!  EVERY. POST.
Then I shot off an email and said "pretty please-- can I use your photos and show everyone what I've been reading?"

And here I am! telling you.

Meet Lisa- 

After corresponding thru email over night I determined; She has got to be one of the sweetest gals I've NEVER met ONCE  and felt instantly like I've known her forever.

She makes GOOD USE of all she is given-- whether it be plumbing (pink or otherwise) , electrical wiring,  pallets-- She paints, she scrapes, she upholsters, sews, gardens,--- knocks down sheds, pulls down plaster walls... YOU NAME IT ... she does it...AND! she does it most of the time for FREE or very LITTLE MONEY.
A kindred spirit fer sure!

She has such a funny sense of humor; you must read about the PLUMBING SHE FOUND while cleaning up the livingroom and the seeds she found under her couch and couldn't wait to plant -but didn't... You must read about her ' would be neighbor brats" that were ding-dong ditching her and you've got to read to understand the term 'cupboard undies'... AND THEN there is this: Ajaxorcometitis   (Most of our husbands have been infected and didn't even know it!).
I truly have sat at my computer and LAUGHED OUT LOUD for 2 days...  (Thanks,Lisa)

You must go over and say Hi- read her and Mr. Dilletante Proprietor (whom she calls Honey...see? we have so Much in common!)
Tell her I sent you.
Oh... make sure you have something refreshing to drink and some snacky-snacks on hand... 'cause ONCE YOU START READING... you're sucked in 'til the very end!

God Bless You and Thanks for Reading!


Granny said...

I'm headed over there right now. Just seeing what she did with that kitchen is enough to convince me. Thanks for the link.

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Sounds good to me, if you like her I'm sure I will!

Pat Harris said...

Thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to visit. She sounds like my type of gal.

Coleen's Corner said...

Thanks for sharing! I just love her blog... already put her in my sidebar : )

Lisa said...

I have been sitting here staring at this white box...for several minutes shock...Pat? I feel such enormous gratitude that I am speechless.. How could someone be so blessed to have all of this said and done on their behalf? God has blessed me this day...blessed me right into tears...Thank you my friend...

MamaMonki said...

Oh my goodness - now you've got me addicted to. She's absolutely amazing!

Prior said...

Girl, it is too late at night to start reading, but I want to, should I or should I wait, I know me I will read every last one too! oh, well here I go, if I call in sick you'll know why!


Laura said...

I will go check it out- I can't wait.
And thank you so much for your comment on my crazy post!

White Spray Paint

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable blog, Pat. I subscribed to follow her. Nice of you to refer me there. Do you have a facebook page?

michelle said...

WOW, I can't believe how she transformed that kitchen! It is beautiful! I will definitely go say hi!

Deb said...

Laura from White Spray Paint sent me over..great blog...I'm a Oma too...