Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Even Simple Prayers Get Answered;

But sometimes not how I think they should. 

Have you ever prayed and ask God to help with something simple? 
I think our HARDEST PRAYERS TO HAVE ANSWERED are the simplest prayers that we can pray. Our simplest prayers are just that...SIMPLE. I'm also of the belief that our simplest prayers are usually about us; regarding our Character. 
(i think that is why they don't get answered the way we think they should)

About 2 weeks ago I was looking for something in HERE... (don't ask what, cause I can't remember) 

It's one of two spare bedrooms in my house. Since the kids have grown; but more since my MIL passed away in Oct 2009... I've slowly been placing STUFF in this room. In my mind I had wanted a corner to be my crafting space... just a small corner. YIKES!!! 

You don't have to tell me. 
So anyway-- I was looking for something. Which isn't unusual. When you've got ...dare I say it?...(you know I don't like to use this word) C.L.U.T.T.E.R .... (maybe if I spell it won't be so bad...) ...who am I kidding? It is a HOT MESS!  So when your living with a hot mess... you spend a lot of wasted time LOOKING FOR STUFF! 
i. hate.that.

So back to me and my prayer. I said a simple prayer. (it went something like this) Lord, please help me, I need some motivation. I need to own my mess and deal with it; I'VE GOT TO GET IT CLEANED OUT. I've got to GITT'R DONE! 

in a nut shell, that was my prayer. 

So then... I wrote this ( a quote from this post) 

We've been busy with the outside gardens and camper-- but now I've got to turn my attention to the inside I've let some things go.

And... I've got 2 bedrooms that have stacked up with junk, crafts, collections, baby toys, and MIL spares from her house...
Honestly, I've been just fine closing the door and not looking in there.

But-- Now it has become a problem.  We're going to be having house guest for 2 wks maybe a month.... and they need beds!!!!!

So... I'm gonna be busy the next few days... I hope to take some pictures and let you see the progress.

But... I wasn't having any of it. No. I was griping and moaning about having to clean out my room...for FAM.I.LY. 
What is wrong with me? Why disgruntled?  I used to have such a hospitable attitude when it came to my home!!! 
"I used to think-- God has blessed me with this home- I should be honored and above all THANKFUL that I could share in the blessing by giving someone a place to rest; and be sheltered; even if for a short time or extended stay."

But not this time. This time it was going to be a chore. Because...I've made a mess of the place, that's why!  I'm not ready- I've not prepared- I've not kept a spirit of readiness about me.  Hmmm... 

Well, then I'm back to looking for something in this room. Something different this time. Something enjoyable and something that brings pleasure to me. 

Crochet hooks. 

THEN....then... I'm reminded. 
God answered my prayer. 
Didn't I ask for motivation? 
Didn't I say I needed help? 
Didn't I know...that our home is a blessing from God, to be shared with those he sends my way? 

Yes. YES. YES... 
Not only did God answer my prayer-- (in a way that I totally didn't foresee) -- but he also sent some re-enforcements too. 
My youngest daughter came-- and started helping me chip away at the mess. 
And... I'm proud to say... 
We have a bed under that mess! 
Yes! we do. 
Now my brother and my nephew have a place to sleep for the next couple of weeks between houses... 


I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.JOHN 15:5 


Lisa said...

Well! I am going to say that same prayer! it looks wonderful!

Granny said...

That bedroom looks wonderful. It isn't like you haven't been busy lately working on the Tin Can. (I just love that name). :) Glad your daughter came over and helped you.

I need to say that prayer if it will give me the motivation to do something. Maybe I should post a picture of my HOT MESS and it would shame me into cleaning it up. ;) Now I just have to ask, where in the world did you hide all the stuff? That's my problem. lol

Prior said...

That is exactly what I needed to read to get off of here and get busy!

It looks wonderful! Every time I get a room looking neat, I just keep going back to the doorway to glance at it! '


Debbiedoos said...

Good job girl! You must feel so good when you walk in there now.

MamaMonki said...

Good work. Sometimes we're so busy looking for the answer we think we should see - we miss the answer He gave us.

Coleen's Corner said...

Know how the Monks became famous for their musical chants? I'm thinkin' you're on your way with your cleaning prayer & praise! Set it to a little tune and you'll inspire millions! Your room looks great! I'll be going through the same process before August arrives with our family guests. I may have to call you to keep me motivated - lol

Anonymous said...

Pat, your post here made me cry! First because you turned to the LORD with your problem, and second because I can sooo identify with your problem. My oldest daughter is a professional organizer, and about once a year I have to call her over to 'help' me make common sense decisions about my JUNK! Third, just a few weeks ago, my youngest daughter came over and helped me with my spare bedroom which was a sewing disaster!!! Within 15 minutes she had it looking wonderful and carry out of the house to the thrift store about 9 big bags of stuff! I CAN BREATH again!!! LOL

Unknown said...

What a great reminder to turn to Him for even the smallest things! What a relief!

Gail said...

OMGoodness, your room looks great! What a wonderful post....I loved it.

Have a wonderful day,