Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recently Acquired...

These are some items that have been recently acquired by me... Some have yet to be repurposed. 
Like THESE.... 
 These 3 shutters were brought home from work by my son in law... they were floor displays and they were headed to the dumpster. He said " I figured you'd find something to do with them."  Such a sweet young man... knows how to get to his MIL heart! 
 They are framed and hinged and they OPEN!  So... cool. No. I haven't a clue... how 'bout you?  Any ideas?

 The two little baskets I bought the day we went TRAILER SHOPPING.  Just so happens the young man we bought the trailer from was living in his parents garage apartment.  They were having a GARAGE SALE ... in the Garage~ I shopped while we were waiting for him to come down. I got 3 baskets in all and only spent $1.50. My kind of baskets.
They all help corral junk on the counter ; this chicken basket, too.  I think I'll be gathering eggs in this baby as it has soft 'chicken wire' sides ...won't jostle the eggs to much! 

Recently,  I mentioned that I received my Great Grandmother's Hutch... and how it came to be mine! Yay!  I was so happy. You can read about it here.
 I finally got around to putting some junk inside. Well, then I had to rearrange the wall behind it and move pictures and shelves ... I'll show you tomorrow what's inside. (you know, give you a tour of the hutch)

YES! There is a balloon in the photo. That is to draw attention to the dust on my FLOOR!  Just so you wouldn't miss it. I guess I could have written my name in the dust; but balloons are way more fun! 

Honey has been working part time with Son in law #1 ...
and as I mentioned last week we have house guests... My brother, nephew and my Dad... all still here.

I've been super busy. I hope to get some posts together this weekend.
Y'all know how it is.... slow goes it. 

In the mean time~
God Bless you, this Resurrection Week.
Thanks a bunch for reading.


Amy Kinser said...

What a wonderful treasure to have your great grandmother's hutch. Oh the stories I bet that piece of furniture could tell.

And, what a sweet son in law!!

Happy Easter, my friend.

Deb said...

I bet you will come up with something really coold to do with the shutters...

Here On Crow Creek said...

A mirror would be adorable behind the little shutter or a picture even a chalkboard would be cute. What a sweet son in law!

Prior said...

love the shutters and the hutch, that's not much dust, I usually have to sweep, Before I can swiffer my floors, sidewalks would help.

Granny said...

The hutch is really nice. Love that it's on the straight legs with the stretcher between the legs.

Enjoy the time with your dad. He'll be gone back home before you know it and you'll remember things you wanted to ask him or talk with him about. :)

Coleen's Corner said...

I'm so glad you pointed out the dust... I would have missed it if you hadn't! What a lucky ducky you are to have such a son-in-law! Shutters stump me too. Don't know why, I've seen plenty of cool uses for them. I know you'll come up with something that will really wow us : ) Have a blessed Easter with your family!

Lisa said...

Those shutters are wonderful! I would put a small box behind all three, hang them on the wall and put my spices in them! They are adorable...and that hutch? I am drooling! Oh Pat, you scored with the baskets! one thing I can never find up here!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Well the first thing I thought of was to paint the inside box with caulk board paint... then one would have to open it to see the notes inside.
Thanks for your tip on the pool cover. But as with most of the things in my life I could not be happy with a standard size... mine has to be custom made and cost me $3500. My pool in kidney shaped and does not have a deep end. I wish I could have gone your route... thanks again

Anonymous said...

Love your hutch....but I really love your window with the crosses displayed! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments!
Have a blessed Easter!