Friday, April 22, 2011

Tour de Hutch~

Yesterday, I showed you my newly acquired Hutch~ 
 I told you today I'd show you some of it's contents.  I just had no idea what to put inside one of these... I don't know that I own anything 'Hutch-Worthy'

Just so you know~ it will probably get changed out periodically. 
 His and Hers. 
Father in laws Flag given to my Mother in law when he passed.  Her Bible. 
 Silver, Crystal and Crocheted doilies. My Great Grandmothers things. 
Cut lace napkin, with finger bowls (?) and pill box. 

I tried to get a better picture of the pill box~ it has a little tiny mosiac on top of the silver box. 

Red Frog-- vintage flower vase. This frog makes me think of my Father in law.  It was his and sat on his desk, then in his bathroom --- I love it.

That's it...

There are a few other items... but these are the HI-LIGHTS

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 


Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

I would say you definitely have found some hutch-worthy items. What a nice tribute to all of their previous owners!

Pat Harris said...

I enjoyed this post. I like the way you keep the memories of the past right there so that they come to mind often. Nice post! Blessings, Pat P.S. Love the hutch!! lol

The Boston Lady said...

I think they are all "hutch worthy"! Love the frog and the finger bowls! How is that for an eclectic statement?! Ann

Tanya Anurag said...

It is so good to see how well you have kept the things that were passed on to you. They are simply priceless :)