Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Does my Garden Grow, Part 2 ?

Last week I took a walk around the Garden in the morning light-- 
The sun coming up in the east was being blocked by the trees on that side of the property. 
It created some shadow on the garden... almost like it was night time. 
Everything looks so good! 
 This is the LONE squash in the front bed. 
I'm very pleased with the way this bed is growing.  It is the one that was horse manure compost throughout. 

 We have more lettuce than you can give away, eat yourself, or shake a stick at!  I've learned in my studying that lettuce will BOLT... and it becomes bitter.  I haven't had that so far... maybe a few plants. But we're eating as fast as we can!  This was sown from seed. I didn't thin it the taller lettuce has a thin stalk at the bottom and is still quite tasty at the top.  The thinker PRETTIER  bunches of lettuce with thicker stalks are around the fringe of the lettuce rows... and those have tasted more bitter.  Go figure! 

 Front bed has 2 little green bean plants-- I hope they produce.  I put this stick in the ground there for it climb. I think it looks so pretty in amongst the beets and broccoli! 
I have broccoli growing!  This was taken last week, we either had a slight rain overnight, or heavy dew that morning... I've slept since then and can't remember... but I just love this picture of  MY. VERY. OWN. BROCCOLI.  God is so good! 

***********These pictures are from the Potager (poh-teh-jay) ... *remember that's french for english kitchen garden*   ...And remember kids, when you garden you can learn to speak french too!

 This is cilantro. It is flowering. I think I must be cutting and drying it by now. Is it best used fresh? or can you dry it and store it for later?  Do you know?  I've got some more research to do. 

 Our corn.    These were taken last week remember.  This week our corn has TASSLE ON IT!  So we'll be getting corn soon!  I love CORN!     The taller plant in the back is SUN FLOWERS... 

... I'm thinking this is a flower bud on the sunflower plant, unless--- it's more leaves, maybe?  Well see-- Honey thinks this will bring the  birds when dove and quail season opens up!  I was thinking trail mix. 

 Potato plants. 
 Okra.  Despite the fact something has been eating on the leaves... we're still getting Okra already.  Yay! 

 Tomatoes in a pot. 

This is the Hugelbeet-- pronounced (hoogle-bate) .... Gardening helps to improve all your foreign language skills..
 Green beans (not on the Hg.B.) but very near it....{smile}
 More Tomatoes. 

 oh, this is a lone cucumber plan (lower middle)  we thought didn't come we transplanted some very small Tomato starts, from inside the house, where this was supposed to be growing... (upper left hand corner) ...I saw this that morning and moved it to this little corner of the Okra bed... it's been a week and it is thriving! 

 More pictures of the squash on the Hg.B... 
Cantaloupe, growing like wild fire!  and mingled in this is also-- a tomato plant and lone green been. (I have no idea how those got there!)  I think I went crazy when I was planting this mound.  I wanted to see what would grow. 


How is your garden growing?  Did you try any new techniques this growing season?  Have they all been successful, any of them FAIL?  

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God bless you and Thanks for reading! 


Granny said...

I'm sure you can dry cilantro for later use. Our garden is a failure. Somewhere there's a rabbit running around with really fresh breath. The little bugger keeps eating every leaf my mint plant gets. :(

happy momma said...

Everything looks so good. Except for the cool weather crops my garden is just now starting to come up. It has been really cool and damp here so my seeds have just been sitting under the soil waiting. Yesterday I saw that some of them are poking their heads out, so they are still alive! God Bless

Teresa said...

What an amazing garden! Everything looks so good. I'm way behind this year, and have tons of plants begging to be taken outside and put into the ground.