Sunday, June 12, 2011

Changing the Land Scape~

* It's a DIRTY JOB! *

This is what the Farm-to-Market road looks like just near our house. 
It literally looks like someone came along and stole the pavement right out from under our noses! 
 For roughly a 2 mile stretch of Hi-way IN EITHER DIRECTION FROM MY HOUSE... yes! Hi-way... The Speed limit is set at an average of 55 mph along this FM road. Of course during construction it is set much slower...

 ...AND! even if it weren't SET... you'd have to go slower, because, well... 

Enough rain and this road gets pretty treacherous!!! 
Now, don't get me wrong. This road is long over do for a 'makeover'... but the way they (the road crew, because the state has apparently Contracted this job out) have gone about doing this job is CRAZY , to say the least. 
I would like to meet the mastermind behind this whole operation-- if nothing more than to ask him *what were you thinking, man?!* 
But that isn't the HALF OF IT... 

**** I'm telling you all this and building up to these pictures... 
complete with implements of destruction in the distance (those are tractors and graters and yes! more rain clouds!) Which by the way it hasn't rained (I don't think.) since before May the 21.  In fact it rained a pretty good gully washer the day Honey had his heart attack. Oh.yes. it. did. 
It poured!
 This is the intersection of the FM hiway... and MY COUNTY ROAD...  See all the dirt?
Well -- Not only did the STATE decide to 'make over ' the  FM Hiway... but the County MUST HAVE THOUGHT  it would be nice to Grate our Road and get it ready for new blacktop, too.  So... OUR road is nothing but DIRT TOO!!! 

I feel like we should be driving a team of horses into town when I'm traveling.  I don't know why, but I feel entitled to pavement--I feel cheated. Robbed even.  
This stretch of FM road was getting pretty bad and could be quite treacherous EVEN WHEN PAVED... it had seen better days.  I can't wait until it is all finished.  It will be a nice smooth road to drive on as we make our way to town. 
There are a couple of draw back though- 
The first, the machines can be heard from quite a ways off... and one of them DRONES on and by the end of the day I have a fierce headache. 
The other thing is we generally have a traffic jam... out here on our 2 lane hi-way. Makes travel even more lengthy than it already is. 
And lastly. 
There is a fine layer of dirt-- everywhere! Inside my house, outside my house, on the porch, on the cars, on the pool deck...heck at the bottom of the pool.  I've vacuumed the pool 3 days in a row just trying to get the silt off the bottom for the baby's birthday party ! 
Oh and I've not been hanging out my laundry either. Right now my daughter has been doing it for me... (she's such a sweetie) But I may resort to hanging some inside to dry, once I remedy my washer situation( another post) ... Away from all the Dirt! 

Dirt, Dirt, Dirt... 
I'm told this job is going to go on until 2013 
(Lord willing and the state don't run out of money!) 

This is leading me to reconsider our own landscape. 

Do you have a problem with Dirt where you live? How do you deal with the proverbial Dust bowl?  Any suggestions?  

God bless you and Thanks for reading! 

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Granny said...

I've lived on dirt or gravel roads at most of the homes I've lived in. Luckily we usually lived far enough from the road that the dust wasn't a problem.

I remember one time we lived along a rather busy road and I'd hang my laundry out just after sundown and take them down early in the morning before the traffic started.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Ohhh, how I remember those days of construction when I had a pool. It is awful, and I don't know a solution.
Granny seems to have a good idea of laundry, but wondering about the dew.

michelle said...

Ugh! they did all our roads by us last year and it wasn't pavement it was some weird pebble stuff that in time gets all packed down, I don't like it.
I hope they do a good job and it is finished before 2013.

I also hope that your hubby is doing well and feeling better each day and thank you for our sweet comments on the passing of our dog.

Prior said...

I'm not sure Texas has dew in the summer, It is over 100 here.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Good point Lezlee!
haven't seen a drop of dew lately-- did get some sprinkles this morning as we were headed off to the VA and got little heavier the closer we got to Palestine... for about a minute!