Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good bye to the Newbie Party???

I hope this is my LAST Newbie Party--

Let me explain-- I've been participating in the Newbie party for the last 3 Months (?) maybe... I'll have to check that one our for sure...
Debbie Doos- hosts the ONLY newbie party that I've ever seen. I love it. There are only a couple of qualifications ---
Here is the criteria  
Criteria is blogging for 6 months or less...and/or less than 100 followers.
So let's say you have been blogging for 8 months and have 75 qualify.
Let's say you have been blogging for 5 months and have 125 qualify, you are under 6 months.
Make sense? Hope so:)  (FROM DEBBIE-DOOS)

AND!!!! YOU CAN POST ABOUT ANYTHING---it's not TOPIC SPECIFIC. NO. IT. IS. NOT.... ANYTHING! (well, it is rated G-- so I think you have to keep it clean) 
It's all new faces, new blogs, beginners... and then there is the group that I fall in; because we all know I don't have a new face...heh heh heh... I fall in the UNDER 100 followers Newbie Group.

Debbie has been so gracious to allow that group-- even to those like myself, who have been blogging for sometime, but were slow coming along AND we have less than 100 Followers.  THAT'S ME.

But you know why I Love the NEWBIE PARTY? REEEALLLY?

...Cause it's FRESH!

Don't get me wrong-- I have my favorite blogs that have been around-- the ones that have THOUSands and THOUSands of followers, LIKE Debbie of course and others out there Like FunkyJunkInteriors- Donna and Miss Mustard Seed---
I've gravitated to more Homesteading sites that I SOOooo sooo love-- where I've really made some headway in my home.

BUT!   I love the NEWBIE PARTY because of the ladies starting out. They have great ideas, great skills,AND great personalities!  I can truly connect with them.
So  I hope my Followers increases at the next party and puts me OUT of  the Qualifiers...
Crazy! I know! 
But I will still visit--- Cause I really reeeeally like  meeting new people and reading new material.
Heck --- I might even promote the Newbie Party myself with reminders for people who qualify to join (BECAUSE  I HAVE NEW PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME ALL THE TIME WHO ARE JUST STARTING OUT THEMSELVES) and for people who don't - not to forget the Lil'guys...and go over and READ UP PEOPLE! 
It's really some of the best fun you have blog hoppin'  

And Now for something completely NON-SEQUITUR~~~

i stopped on the side of the road and Honey got out and cut off a piece of this TRUMPET VINE for me! 
It was just out in the middle of nowhere~~ hanging on some ranchers fence.  
I just took a little piece, hope he doesn't mind. I didn't take the whole plant -- like dig it up or anything. 
It's obviously DROUGHT TOLERANT. 

God bless and Thanks for reading! 


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love the newbie party too. Thanks so much for visiting. May you leave newbie status behind soon.

camp and cottage living said...

Great information for newbies to know. I've joined a couple of parties and it's a good way to direct people to your site. But, like you, I've found new friends and great ideas from the participants!
Now I know what a trumpet vine looks like.
I 'm learned so much this 1st month of blogging!

Erin @ How to Nest for Less said...

LOVE the newbie party!! I'm new here as well and there's just so many great blogs out there that keep me inspired! I'll definitely keep up with yours when you get to 100 :) Congrats on your followers!

Prior said...

Girl, we had that trumpet vine overtake our wooden privacy ruined it...and while I think it is so pretty a couple of my guys are allergic to it, like poison ivy and It will take over whole trees, sheds...yep, it is drought proof, lol...I like new blogs too and one time I got a sweet email...because I was their first follower, not family...course me and you go way back! Lezlee

Nancy C said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog today. I truly appreciate it. How I wish I had a blog like the one you described when I was starting out. It can be so lonely. What a great idea to get new bloggers some much needed encouragement. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Squash and pumpkin blossoms have a very mild and slighly pumpkin-like flavor. I like your ideas and think they are worth a try--the turkey sounds good to me.
(for some reason I am having problems posting comments on some blogs...don't know why...)

Kateri @ Dandelion Haven

PC said...

Thanks for stop by my blog and left such a cute comment! Party for Newnbie? I'm on! Thanks for sharing this! Love - PC

Debbiedoos said...

You are the very sweetest to say that!~ It is my pleasure to have this newbie party, I was new too once, and know how it feels. It really is tough to get going. I appreciate your support.