Monday, July 18, 2011

Ever Have One of those Days/ Summers?

What have we been up to lately? Besides trying to stay cool… you ask?  Mostly hanging out at home.
~~ Doing laundry, hanging it to dry, getting up early in the mornings to water what’s left of a drought weary garden.
The grass is dead, the ground is cracking.
The only thing GREEN around here is our Solar dryer ( not the kind of GREEN I’m speaking of) and our POOL!!!!  (Our pump is busted). In the winter we had extreme temperatures—never before seen in the lifetime of owning our pool for the past 12 years.  So extreme—it cracked.  Honey did a fine patch job. It held for 6 months---then one day in the middle of the  … HOT! … it sprung a major leak and broke again.
Let’s see—what else?  Oh yes—Good news!  The washing machine broke too. NO. that is NOT what I call GOOD NEWS… BUT I’LL GET TO THAT IN A MINUTE. 
We called the Big Store that shall remain nameless… AND IS NO LONGER  …And Roebuck and got their service dept—and for a mere $129.00 they will come and have a look!  It seems that around these parts there aren’t very many independent maintenance companies to work on your Appliances—especially, ‘new-fangled’ washers that load in the front! NO!
I Called and canceled  High Dollar Repairman… from Nameless and No-longer Roebuck.  Then take an 8 week break from doing laundry at home and do it at the daughters houses…
Now… Friday, I happened upon a little paper that comes in the mail each and every week…loaded with ads—and found NOT ONE… But THREE  Appliance Repair Guys--- called a couple and QUITE NATURALLY  settled for the CHEAPEST OF THE THREE.
Good to go—He’s coming out in the morning (being Saturday) 
Got the Washer pulled out sitting in the middle of the Utility room—on Friday night.
Get up on Saturday and decide – hey !this guy is going to work by the hour--- so let’s just pull the back and the front off the machine—and have a LOOK AROUND…
…And to what to my WONDERING EYES SHOULD APPEAR…. a solution to our problem. Yes my friends~
with only 30 minutes to go before my appointed time of arrival for the repair man… I CALLED AND CANCELED AGAIN. (I’m sure the repair guy hates me.)
Got on the internet—found my parts, called the Local Appliance Store (not the maker of my washer…which by the way is Whirlpool MADE and NOT… Nameless and No-Longer Roebuck) but a parts house and seller of competitive washing machines… AND ORDERED PARTS.
THEY WILL BE HERE IN THE MORNING—TUESDAY, and hopefully by Tuesday afternoon sometime--- I’ll be fully operational and able to wash my own clothes again in my own house… with my own water~
Did you know that the front load washing machines have shock absorbers inside them?  AND did you know that if after 8 years of your washer sitting on an unlevel surface--- you’ll more than likely have broken shock absorbers?  
Well, it could happen.
God Bless you and Thanks for letting me get this off my chest!

two baskets
 NSP (non-sequitur Photo...){smile}
Stay tuned~ I have more GOOD NEWS, TOO.  Remember the broken Pool pump I mentioned WAY UP AT THE TOP OF THIS NEWS CAST/ UPDATE?
We’ve been blessed with another pump!  I’ll tell you all about that soon.
…and remember,
keep the A/C going—and drink LOTS and LOTS of water, uh-kay?


Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Yay for you for figuring out the washer fix yourself! I got a front loader this year and the one thing the installers emphasized was to make sure it was level! (They also frown on diy pedistal's for them)
Hope you get your pool back up and running quick. Sounds like a lot more heat is coming through!

Granny said...

We bought a front loader machine when we moved here three years ago and I love it. I dread the day that anything happens to it though. I'm glad you're going to be able to do the repairs without the cost of a repairman.

Thank God for whomever gifted you with the pool pump. Hope your Honey can get it repaired and the pool up and running agin. Stay cool.

camp and cottage living said...

I'm so glad that you figured this out on your own! And that there is more good news to come.
It's such a relief when things begin looking more positive!! A person can only take so much, after all.
I bought a front loading washer for my last home and was never so glad to say goodbye to something in my life!!

MamaMonki said...

Impressive that you figured the washer out yourself. Yaaay for you! I don't think I'd have even been brave enough to try.

michelle said...

Hi Pat! I am so glad that you figured out the washer. I have a front loader and I wish I had never bought it, it has been ok, but have had more issues and it stinks all the time. Oh well.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Hey pat! so glad you got the washer figured out! I hope the pool pump is up and running real soon!
do ya feel better now that you got it all off your chest? :)