Thursday, August 11, 2011

Glimpses of My Week~

          Just thought I'd  show you a few things that have gone on here this past week—Glimpses of My Week in Pictures…
Our forecast for the week… fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 031      fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 027   Don’t know if you can tell it from this rusty old thermometer…it says 108°squirrel in bird feeder
The little squirrel has been eating my bird seed… I watch him from my kitchen window. fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 038   … created a ledger from an El Cheapo spiral and will be using a “SNOWBALL” METHOD  for paying the Medical bills that we can!  It is just a relief just having a plan!    fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 023
   I was encouraged by Manuela at A Cultivated Nest   to try cooking Quick Bread in my Slow Cooker… As you can see by the photo above it was ALMOST A FAIL…*edited to say ' AT NO FAULT OF MANUELA'S... I take the blame for this one!
I made two loaves… from the batch I mixed; which happened to be a
NEW –never- before- tested- my- me- recipe~fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 015 …and my Baking Powder was questionable…  Long story short… I had to CHISEL IT FROM THE PAN, It was chewy and more the consistency of Brownies. fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 025 I dub Thee Zucchini Brownies!  Not bad with coffee or milk! So not a TOTAL FAIL EITHER!
Today I watched a YouTube video showing you how to make a FISH BONE BRAID in your hair.  This is the first time for me to try this braid… Turned out alright for the first time, I think.
fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 043   I also see the importance of having you hair EVENLY DIVIDED into Two sections… mine varied in thickness and was TWISTED as a final result.
fishbone braid-zucchini bread- 058
So at the beginning of this post I said this was Glimpses of My Week  IN PICTURES… but you know me~ I’m wordy!
God Bless You and Thanks for Reading


Granny said...

Have you contacted each of the hositals, doctors etc. to see about any type of help they will offer with your bills? I pray you can find some relief for at least part of them.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

whoa! that weather is awful! 45 days over 100. I am so sorry! I complain about the heat here, but it hasn't been THAT bad.
do you have humidity too? Our humidity is on vacation right now, I'm so happy!
You look so cute with your hair all braided!
good luck with those bills. They never stop, do they?

Unknown said...

All you can do is pay what you can pay. First priority is to be sure you have a home and food! After that comes everything else! Hope you aren't stressing over it (unfortunately I know I would)!

You're experiencing Phoenix Arizona type heat! We haven't hardly had a drop of rain all this summer here in northern Arizona!!!

Mat. 6:34 I wish you peace, Sis!

camp and cottage living said...

You have beautiful hair! I love the color.
I do hope you get relief from that awful weather soon!

The Boston Lady said...

I think your fishbone turned out well and the zucchini brownies are inspired! I can't imagine 44 days with heat above 100 degrees. Hope you get some rain and clouds. The medical bills will go on forever, but you can chisel away at them - I know that's overwhelming. Ann