Sunday, August 7, 2011


   I was going to post this beautiful sunset simply as a Non-Sequitur photo…

But ,then I was thinking of the sunset and nice drive  we had across the lake this evening when Honey snapped it; made me realize something.

Sunset over CCLake

We’re Empty Nesters again!

Oh. Yes.

My brother and my dad and nephew are officially Bachelors again.

Now before you think ill of me for being happy--- let me just say; my brother is happy to be out and in his own place; and as far as I can tell, my dad is too.

They’ve found a place and got moved out. Honey and I have been living alone…except for the occasional GRAND running around here stealing –sugar from Honey and cookies from Oma; We’ve been living alone for one solid week!


The sun has set on that part of my life.  I hope we…

Well, I’m happy we were able to help out. 

So you see?  The photo isn’t really NON- Sequitur after all.

God Bless you  and Thanks for Reading~


camp and cottage living said...

The sunset is gorgeous!
I don't blame you for enjoying the fact you're an empty nester again. I love it!
We can enjoy the grandchildren yet have our own lives now too.!

Granny said...

The sunset picture is beautiful. I understand just how you feel about your visitors moving out.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The photo is beautiful! I don't blame you for enjoying your empty nest.