Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finding Peace- Preparedness Challenge #27-

Following along with Amy this week; this is the theme of the Preparedness challenge

“The three areas we are focusing on include:
food storage
• emergency preparedness
• sustainable living. “ –Homestead Revival Preparedness Challenge #27

It seems like the more and more I learn about Homesteading the more I see how these three areas coincide. We are so new to this concept that I’m almost in panic mode trying to get to a point where I feel at peace and comfortable about our living situation.
I am constantly reading and learning- but this week I realized I’ve not done much to actually PREPARE! 

So what is a girl to do, when she wants to be prepared, but isn’t?

Well first, I prayed and asked God to lead me and give me Peace.

Be anxious for nothing, but in all things with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God; and the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:6-7

Then you sit back with your little notebook and make a list.

First write down what you do have.
As you’ve begun writing, things will come to mind of what you don’t have… put that in a separate column. This will help you to form a shopping list. Don’t panic—you don’t have to go out and buy these things all at once; but add a few items to your regular shopping trips. Gathering as you go.

On a separate sheet a paper you’ll need to make a TO DO list, don’t get carried away. This list should be broken down into three areas--
  • Immediate  Goals
  • Short Term Goals
  • Long Term Goals
For example; an Immediate Goal  would be to make a GRAB AND GO bag like the one Amy talks about on her blog. You need essentials like a first aid kit  and medications, changes of clothes, flashlight, matches; these are just a few of the things you’d add to this bag.
A Short Term Goal might be to have a pantry so stocked that you are  ready to be rotating this food  into regular meals and only replenishing on a weekly basis. 
And for Long Term Goal; you might start looking at ways you can take your family off-grid, growing your own food, and having a good water supply (not bottled water, although there should be some of that in your pantry).
It can be overwhelming when you begin to think of all things you must have or must be about doing and realizing your are NOT prepared; but when you break it down into little chunks of time, energy and money- it isn’t so bad.

This week while doing my research
I added to my shopping list~
a hand crank/ solar powered Radio – Lantern (flashlight)  the one I’m looking into was at Dick’s Sporting Goods Stansport Compact Crank, Solar and Battery Powered AM/FM Radio/Flashlight - Dick's Sporting Goodssource

While thinking about lighting—I saw that while I have 2 oil lamps and a full bottle of oil, my wicks are short, so I added wicks to the list and will be getting those on my next trip out.  As well as strike anywhere matches.
Years ago- My husband and I took a little rafting trip down the Guadalupe River and we borrowed some gear from our friends. One of the items we had was  I think it is called DRY BAG—though we don’t live in a hurricane prone area, we do get flash flooding on occasion when it rains. This might be something to purchase down the road too. (I just thought of that while looking for my flashlight/radio image) 
I personally worry about doing things that are costly—and I can’t help but think, “How will we ever afford all the things we need to be self sufficient?”
That is an important thing to remember—be prepared and self sustaining eliminates the need for so much cash or finances. That is why we do it a little at a time and in small chunks. Once you get to that point of sustainability—you are just maintaining that level then.
I was looking into Food storage this week too—and came across this method of storing food. You can click the source link below this photo to read the article—she recommends if you have bees wax, to seal the caps once you filled the bottles. I would never have thought of that. Plus you’re repurposing these otherwise landfill destined items.
This is a great post – put up by The Frippery Farm  I have never thought of doing this with 2 liter bottles.  

This is how I spent my week preparing~ doing more research and then ultimately making some lists. This helped a lot.  Although, I’m not completely prepared—I’m more at peace than I was and I have a clearer picture of the direction we should be moving in to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Don’t forget to click over and read more on Preparedness and Sustainable Living at the Homestead Revival- Preparedness Challenge Link up !

God Bless you and Thanks for reading.


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Great post. I like the idea of sealing the bottles.

CLD said...

Thank you for the clever comment...huge smile!!!
I think things happen for a purpose and your comment has lead me to this post about being prepared...of which my husband and I are talking about all the time..talking that is..
your post has me in the get ready mode!! Thank you for sharing...will be back for more ideas.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much into does make for interesting thinking and consideration...God will lead me...and take care of us when and if the time comes...Mel's Designs from the Cabin...Mel

Kristina said...

We had a hand crank radio once. The kids ended up breaking it. I haven't replaced it yet. However, with your camping tote, and our emergency tote, we are a bit prepared. Also, since we do go camping, I have reused an old makeup bag to store a smaller emergency kit in. I have all the emergency items, along with twine, a knife and other items we use. It comes in handy for road trips also. It has two handles on the top.

A Cultivated Nest said...

Thanks for the link! The comments on her post were informative too.