Friday, September 23, 2011

Hidden Treasure, Still !

  I previously posted about our little excursion into the woods on the property surrounding ours…it’s ok, we have permission from our neighbors to be on the property, in case you thought we were trespassing, we weren’t. fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 018
  You remember “Jerry’s Pond”  See how the lay of the land goes up there? Just on the other side of that little stand of trees was something I’ve dreamed of having…but never knew existed.
fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 019
Pens. For what? I don’t know.  Too small for cattle… in my opinion. But what do I know? fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 022
  There are a total of about 4 buildings—the over growth was so thick I couldn’t get into them to see what they were like on the inside, but I can tell you …the outside with all its rugged goodness and little fence panels was amazing! fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 021
You could see in the lower right quadrant of the above picture is some type of feeder… and due to the sunshine and My poor picture taking skills fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 027  This is my partial close-up. (You all know I’m terrible at photography) Anyway, I wonder what type of feed this little galvanized goodness held.
Do you know?
fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 020
Or how about this one?  It was huge! I think that was some type of creeper feeder, maybe? It wasn’t in a pen. It was out, like maybe it fed cattle.
fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 035
I had so much fun walking around Mr. Jerry’s property… I wish these little out buildings were near our fence line ,instead of behind the pond, I’d ask him to use them… I sure would. He doesn’t use them…but I can’t help but think,  It would be so neat to have a couple of goats.
fall potatoes-3 ponds- bees 028
Looking down the little hill to the building… again, bad photography, but I’m blaming it on the sun. You just can’t see the screen and what your photographing on those little digital cameras when the sun is so bright.
Consider this a ‘peep show’ and my photography is leaving room for your imagination!
In other news—our barn turned garage for our classic car will soon be empty. Maybe we could use it as a barn now? 
Homesteading is just so new to us… we are novices for sure. But as I sit here and covet my neighbor's property, with pond and out buildings that I’ve not ever seen in 15 1/2 years (Honey said he knew they were there) I am thinking more and more about wanting to really do this! I really want to raise eggs and have milk and cream for butter!  We are so limited so it will just slow going for us.
It doesn’t help that we have new neighbors on the corner from us… and they are successfully doing what I’d like to do; On way less property too!  I’m happy for them. Not meaning to sound spiteful but…I can’t wait for the rain to come and take the shine off their shiny new barn roof.  I like a little rust, and the shine literally is blinding even from 5 acres away.  They have a couple of goats and 1 calf.  Their garden sort of went the way ours did…great at first then ‘Crispy Fried” after the temps started to get up there. They have successfully tapped into their old well on their property… We should probably go ask them how they did it. We could learn so much from them, I’m sure.
Well, the laundry is finished;and I need to get it on the line!
I bought sheets today at Bargainland…am planning to make rag rugs with them.
See you soon!
God Bless you and Thanks for reading!
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Mary Ann said...

I love adventures like this. At a stable where I used to ride, there was an old homestead house. The stable manager made me cross my heart and hope to die if I ever went near it, as he said critters were nesting in it and the floors were no longer stable, but I longed to see inside it. Now it is gone, and the land under the parking lot of a huge mall, and I never saw it! I have always regretted it! I really enjoyed your story.

Anonymous said...

ooooo...I love hidden treasures like this one...good stuff....I've made more things from yard sale finds...hop over and check'em out and tell me what you think...Mel

Geneva said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog...couldn't wait to see yours. Sounds like you're in a little piece of heaven out there. My husband would love, love, love to have chickens. (Maybe someday)

Simple Pleasures said...

I just found your blog and can't wait to read the past posts, I am now following you! Please stop by and visit me!
Michelle at Simple Pleasures

The Boston Lady said...

Pat, what a treasure those pens and outbuildings are. I envisioned goats or sheep in there - perhaps donkeys? I think you need to approach your neighbor about trying to salvage some of that great stuff - especially if he isn't using it! And I think you take great pictures! Ann

LANA said...

How interesting to live near such explorations! Anyway, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I usually get emails when a comment is made to my blog but for some reason I did not get any, and when I went to my dashboard, there were dozens! I felt so bad cause I almost always respond. As to the wooden drying rack, I bought it ages ago and don't remember where, but I know some of the catalogs such as Vermont Country Store probably have them. I use it every now and then, mostly for dish towels and little stuff. I used to use it more, but ever since I got one of those new-fangled "he" washing machines, the wash comes out much more wrinkled, so I end up putting more stuff in the dryer. Sometimes I like to just hang wash outside on the clothesline when it is dry and sunny, especially sheets. Nice to meet ya, and thanks for the "nutty" comments!