Monday, October 24, 2011

Besides Chickens…

We have been doing other things, too!
Last week we made a trip to Lowes…on the way, we stopped by Goodwill, I was looking for a jacket for Honey.  FAIL. natural foods book siding chickens 008
Instead I found this wonderful book, by Beatrice Trum Hunter.  It’s called The Natural Foods Primer ‘Help for the Bewildered Beginner’  --how could I NOT GET it? It practically had my name written all over it.  Not to mention--- a price tag of .99 cents! {smile} 
Whenever I go thrift shopping—I always look at the books. Not that I need more or anything; but I usually pray and ask God to show me if there is a book there that would be a good resource for my library, that I can afford.  He never fails!
I read it on our 14 hour trip to AND FROM Arkansas on Saturday.  I found a lot of great information in there. This book was copy write 1972…so some information has been replaced; but over all the information is still good!  I’ll share later some of the things I’ve learned already.
The trip to Lowes…I found these on the marked down Ooops! paint shelf.  Two empty cans—they were half off because they didn’t have handles.
I got them because I thought I could store grain or food in them.
natural foods book siding chickens 007
Oct 24 2011- fog pix 006 When I got home I opened one up and it is coated~  with what?  I don’t know. So I’ve still got to do a little research to find out what it is and whether or not it’s food safe.  Any ideas? 
We also bought wood siding for the back exterior of the house.  We’ve had some wood decay due to rain over the years and it was in dire need of repair.  I don’t think I took any before photos…but here it is in progress.   natural foods book siding chickens 003   Whether you homestead or not; if you own your home,  repairs are integral.  natural foods book siding chickens 004 
We’re not finished with siding it yet, we still need to do the bottom pieces, trim out the window, replace the awning—and you can see we’ll have to repaint as well.  Hopefully, the weather will stay warm enough to do that this week.
We’re doing the work ourselves. It is slow going because of his health—The Husband isn’t as spry since his heart attack in May. But for the most part--  I like working with Honey on these projects…he gets a little testy at times, but mostly he makes me laugh when we work. I’m so grateful that he is here and we are doing these things together!  I praise God for that!   
I haven’t post a Non-Sequitur photo lately—I took this one this morning.
Isn’t it beautiful?
Oct 24 2011- fog pix 128
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God Bless you and thanks for reading!


Kristina said...

Great price for the book, and what a wonderful book to get. Interesting paint cans. I have no idea what they would be coated with.

Anonymous said...

good job on the hunt for a good book...sounds just like you...gosh if you lived closer, you might want to stop in our little thrift shop and buy your hubby a jacket for only 25 that's a money saver for sure...I'm back from the flea market...I've got pictures...wonderful people I met are there too.

The Boston Lady said...

Beautiful last picture, Pat. Don't know about the paint can, but I do know that siding is looking darn good - and I hear you about home ownership and repairs - can you say "needs new roof"? I demand a chicken-cam! Ann P.S. I always look at the books at the thrift too - but I am looking for fiction because I have enough reality!

Granny said...

I'd call Lowes paint department and ask them what the paint cans are lined with. It looks like some kind of teflon material.

The repairs on the house are looking good. As you say there's always something to do. We're going to need a new roof next year. I dread thinking about that.