Monday, October 24, 2011



This weekend Honey and I were invited to travel with one of his brothers for a day trip to place flowers on their parents grave.  I tried to get out of it…I don’t do the cemetery trips personally; but on this occasion I was glad to go; because it gave me a chance to see the trees changing in the Ozarks…a sight I’ve not seen in almost 2 years.

It was beautiful.  The scenery and the time together with my husband. It was about a 14 hr trip—we made a few stops along the way.  Got home in time to watch the Texas Rangers get hammered in the 3rd Game of the World Series… {sigh} Trip to AR with Mike 007

This morning I woke up to the smell of coffee and my husband telling me, ‘Get up, I want to spend the day together, just me and you.’

I was intrigued. {smile} 

He took me shopping. Helped me pick out some new clothes for church. Ironic, I know, since we skipped church today; but I was happy that Honey is feeling well enough to do these things.  So I conceded~ and off we went shopping!

He took me to Applebee’s (we’ve never eaten there…it was so good)

Then we went to the movies!

The Three Musketeers Poster 

We saw The Three Musketeers   …it was certainly action packed.    I  think they took some liberties with the story line…so I’d definitely put it in the FANTASY FICTION CATAGORY…but overall…it was a pretty good movie. Only mildly violent …fairly clean.  I enjoyed it and would probably watch again if given the chance.

Came home took care of the chickens. Settled in to watch the 4th game in the World Series… Rangers vs. Cardinals… 

4-0 Win~ Rangers ~~  Yay! 

Go Rangers!

God Bless you and Thanks for reading!

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