Friday, October 21, 2011

I’ve got a secret…

We got more chickens!!! We got them just a few days after we were given Audrey and Jayne… They don’t get along so much. But, that may just be chickens for ya!  I’ll make the introductions… and then tell you my secret. chickens- ALL 031  Lucy (on the ground)  and Ethel (on top of the small cage) chickens- ALL 029 “Mr. Burns” -- George chickens- ALL 027 Gracie. ‘Say g’night Gracie’

If you think I like to watch old-time movies and TV shows…you’d guess right. But that’s not my secret…

me holding my chickens 005 Lil’ Aubree, “Jayne” and Me! me holding my chickens 003…My secret? 

I like to hold my chickens!

God Bless you and Thanks for reading!


Cindy said...

Your hens are beautiful, and it can be very fun holding them, I have.
I LOVE your hair, it is so beautiful and long, I don't think I have ever seen a photo of you before.
Hugs, Cindy

camp and cottage living said...

You lucky lady! Someday I hope to have chickens too.
And I agree-you're hair is lovely!

Gail said...

Your chickens are beautiful and so is that picture of you and Lil' Aubree.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kristin_Texas said...

Cute. I love their names!

If Lucy is anything like her namesake, she should provide a lot of entertainment on your farm. :p


Kolein said...

I've got a secret too, Pat!!! I like to eat my chickens!! Got one roasting in the oven as I type this!!! OK. That wasn't very nice of me, was it? Sure was funny, tho! Cluck. Cluck. No but seriously yolks, I would probably feel very affectionate towards chickens too if we had some. But I don't think we'll have any anytime soon - 'cept in the freezer from our friend's farm! And I just bought some fresh laid eggs from the farmer's market!! Does that count?

Your chickens are so darn cute, Pat! I've gotta show the boys!!!

And LOVE your hair girlfriend!!!


Intentional Living Homestead said...

Cool...waiting too for the phone call when ours are ready...should be in the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

wonderful pics! Congrats on the new additions to your family.

The Boston Lady said...

I would love to hold them too! Love all the names and that sweet little girl is precious... bet she loves all the chicken excitement. Ann

Kristina said...

I just wanted to let you know I posted an award to you today, in regards to your blog. Read about it on my blog post today.