Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Neighbor~

  I have a NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR…his house is miles away. I can’t even see it from here. 
Really, I guess you could say he is my NEXT PASTURE Neighbor.
You see we share a FENCE together.  Looking at the photo my land stops where the fence row is; about the middle of the photo. You can see the cattle panel on the left of the picture. Right about even with the water mark.
garlic and around the barn 012 table  cows and fcc book 016
See how lush and green everything is in the pictures above?  That picture was taken I think some time in March or April of 2011…this year!
table  cows and fcc book 021
Not to mention~ The cows!
I also have mixed feelings.
changing landscape- back pasture 005
See how bare everything looks now?  One lone tree standing in the middle of a pasture.  The Greenery to the right, is also trees…PILED HIGH IN A MOUND.
changing landscape- back pasture 002
See?  A mound of trees. They are all over the place out there. I didn’t get a picture of the Bull dozer…but this man has been driving around like mad, knocking down trees.
He’s left a few.  He’s trimmed some up nice enough to get under with a mower or on horseback. We’re not really sure what he’s doing back there.  He may just be turning over the growth - making way for new growth.   Everyone around these parts has taken to digging new ponds during this drought we’re having.  He’s not dug any NEW ones , I don’t think; but he has dug out the old ones—cleaning them out getting them ready for rain. Perhaps, new life in the ponds.
One problem is, it bugs me- as his NEXT  PASTURE NEIGHBOR that I don’t know the reason behind it.  I don’t even know if the man driving the bull dozer is MY NEXT PASTURE NEIGHBOR or just some guy hired to knock down all the trees!   He is NOT the man that used to own the land, years ago, the one I’ve met in the past.  That man has probably passed away—he was old as the hills back then, when I met him.
Secondly… the wild life.  This acreage behind us used to be teaming with wild life.  Beaver, Crane, Raccoon, Owls, Wood-Pecker, Red-Tail Hawk…he’s pushed over living trees and huge gnarly looking dead trees, habitats for all types of wild life.  He didn’t ask me, his NEXT PASTURE NEIGHBOR  if I thought that would be okay
changing landscape- back pasture 003
He also didn’t return any of our wayward golf balls that he may have unearthed; that we may have over- looked, in the past, while retrieving them from driving practice  a good ol’ competitive game ofKNOCK-THE-SNOT-OUT-OF-THAT-BALL-AND-SEE-HOW-FAR-IT-GOES’ 
See?  I told you I have mixed feelings. 
My only THOUGHT NOW is… that he’s not about to ‘Pave Paradise and put up a parking lot.’ …you know what I mean?  I haven’t even met the man—but imagine if I had to meet a whole bunch of NEW NEXT PASTURE NEIGHBORS AND I COULD SEE THEIR DOORS from here.  I’d have to call them NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS!
God Bless you and Thanks for Hearing Me Out!


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

ohhh, all this leaves me curious as well! I sure hope it's all for good reasons, not for "new" neighbors. :(
keep us posted, k?

Debbiedoos said...

hmmm..I guess you will find out soon enough. That shot with the cow in it is awesome. Soon we will have all bare trees in our yard, and I will miss all the lush green. We do not have any neighbors behind up YET..the land has been for sale for sometime now. It is a big cliff though so not sure if it can ever be built on, and I don't see it as a demand property. Of course we were under the impression it was all ours until we pulled out the survey. Oh well...have a great weekend.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I just hate it so when they destroy nature's natural habitat! Hate it!

Mary Ann said...

I can't bear to see trees going down and ground being disturbed... I hope he is restoring, not ruining the land.

Melanie said...

Dealing with something similar here, understand your feelings!!

Angel said...

I'd hate not knowing what is going on too. Why don't people just send a memo?

nannykim said...

Wow what a difference. I would be concerned to....perhaps you should introduce yourself and see what is up. Inquiring minds like me would like to know too!