Friday, January 6, 2012

Kindle for PC and FREE BOOKs~

I recently downloaded Kindle for PC—I don’t have a Kindle…but why miss out on free books, right?
So what have I found to peak your interest?
Books on Bees!
Bee- Keeping.
…AND! Several others ON BEES. Some of the books are OLD editions FROM WAY BACK WHEN…but some of the best books are old books.

This is what peaked MY INTEREST!

I just thought I’d share that.  In case you were interested in Books,Bees, Livestock and Poultry, or Kindle.

*edited to say--- you can download Kindle for you PC for free too. If you find a book you want...the link for it is to the right of the screen...FYI
God Bless you and Thanks for Reading~


Coleen's Corner said...

I've read books online too! Works great for me... if I had a Kindle, I'd probably lose it! And speaking of bees, we have a friend who just might set up a hive out here in a corner of our property.

Granny said...

Thanks for that tip. I'm planning on using some of my swagbucks for a Kindle but in the meantime I can read books on my laptop.

Kristina said...

That's for that tip. I don't have a kindle either.

Mary Ann said...

That's the second time tonight I have read about Kindle for PC, and what a GREAT idea! I'm going to do it!

The Boston Lady said...

I was lucky to receive a kindle for Christmas. Hope the online version is as good as what I have seen so far. Ann

Cindy said...

Sounds like fun, my husband reads free books on his IPAD. He said I can download them on my MacBook Air, I just haven't yet.
Hugs, Cindy