Monday, January 9, 2012

Spot Removal- Testing and Tips~

I found a concoction online… probably Pinterest Logo  for getting stains out of clothes. The suggestion was Dawn dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide; but I found this dish liquid at Dollar General for $1 (didn’t know GAIN made DISH liquid)  spot remover-comforter 008
I had this comforter: and it was on the bed in the middle bedroom (soon to be DEN) which also happens to be where my computer and desk reside. So one of the *littles* got into the desk drawer and clicked the pen OPEN on a RED.yes. red. highlighter pen.  They didn’t color on the comforter, no. They just took the cap off and laid it down and it bled out until it died. …but I digress.
So I took it off the bed—let it sit in a laundry basket until after New Years…roughly 3 days.
And today…with it being sunny enough to hang laundry out and a slight  breeze; I decided today was the day to try out the homemade concoction.
So let me say,Martha (you know MARTHA) has a pdf with lots of stain removal techniques listed and you can print it off…it’s pinned all over Pinterest; and I just found it when I sat down to write this post. But this is not her method for RED FELTIP HIGHLIGHTER REMOVAL. She uses other ingredients for ink. (I know because I checked)
spot remover-comforter 001
So here is MY INK spot…after the first splash of Hydrogen Peroxide…oh my, I should have put the soap on first to hold it there, because YES! it started to bleed again. 
I used an old towel to blot the ink out of the comforter. I also used my laundry brush and began scrubbing the fool out of that comforter. spot remover-comforter 010 spot remover-comforter 009
blot. scrub. re-apply; spot remover-comforter 012
blot. scrub. re-apply; rinse.
I did this to all areas where the ink bled ran, too!  (I know it looks bad…but trust me, it really is just RED INK…) spot remover-comforter 005
But don’t worry…it worked.
Here it is…with NO RED Ink! spot remover-comforter 038
The blue side.
spot remover-comforter 030
The green side. (it’s reversible)
I tossed it into my new TOP-LOAD washer…Oh Yeah~ I got a brand new washer about a month ago. Did I say, "It’s a top loader"? It’s Maytag. And I love it! SEE? spot remover-comforter 018
I will never EVER go back to frontload. I’ve been there done that. I was disappointed.
Sorry---(i got distracted again!)
I might add right here~ Martha does say when cleaning ink from fabric- to create a ‘dam’ so that the ink doesn’t bleed.
Heh, Now she tells me.  click here for Martha’s pdf
  • So just a squirt  more like a dribble of dish liquid.
  • A capful of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A scrub brush and an old towel
  • and elbow grease (lots and lots of elbow grease) and a little bit of patience. Which comes in real handy when the *littles are visiting…{wink} Really, it was just INK! Promise.
This spot remover has worked countless times since coming across it. Give it a try and see what you think! And…come back here and let me know what you thought of it, if you want!

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God Bless you and Thanks for Reading~


Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Lucky you it came out! I have great luck with ERA. I also wanted to say Thank you for all of your kinds comments on my blog these past weeks. It helps to know that someone out there has gone through similar times. Thanks again!

red.neck chic said...

oh! OH!!! I'm going to the dollar store then straight home!!! I am HEART BROKEN because i got magic marker on my vintage wool coat!!! AND YES... I am going to wash it because I have before and it worked okay (dry clean - WHAT?!)You are SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME for saving my day!!!

Whoo hoo!!! I'll let you know how I make out...

;-D robelyn

Granny said...

I love Gain dish soap. I'm glad to know about using it along with peroxide as a stain remover. You did a great job of saving the comforter.

Is you new washer one that has no center agitator? I've seen them but don't know anyone who has one. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your front loader. I bought mine new almost four years ago and have never had a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

OHOH COOL> I will have to remember this, Can I link this back to you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, one more , is it ok if i add your link to top on my blog?

nannykim said...

I usually use Greased Lightning and it takes off ink etc. But it is nice to know there is an alternative and I have never had THAT much ink to remove lol. OH please tell us what you didn't like about the side loader---I have one too, and have not been pleased. You can't really soak things well in it---and it doesn't seem to clean as well---eg perspiration on men's shirts etc. It is nice and quiet however, and you can fit a whole lot in it because it doesn't have a spindle agitator---I love that hmmm, may be I would get another one...not sure. Tell us why you didn't like it (you may have told, but I missed why)

nannykim said...

ps. I don't get pinterest--I asked to join---got an acknowledgement and they said they would reply later and never did. How is one supposed to join?

nannykim said...

Thanks pat for the pinterest invite--I have now joined--now, this is one more thing I will have to learn about!!

Anonymous said...

:( looks like I will have to make a facebook account to join pinterest :(

Anonymous said...

No reply? is my blog goofed up ? uuug where can i fix that at lol

Anonymous said...

Ok see if I fixed it lol,your posts have been coming through, i just have to approve them before posting because some send me there e-mails and I dont like sticking them out in open :)

Prior said...

Good tip, know I bought a new washer awhile back and William said, "Just get what you want"...and after being wooed by the looks of the front loader, I decided on a top loader, too. I love doesn't have a big agitator, though, so it will wash big comforters and pillows.

Cindy said...

Great information! I had no idea that peroxide works on ink. That is good to know, because often my husband will bring me one of his shirts and ask me if I think something will come out. Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Cindy

shannon i olson said...

wow I am amazed that came off!! especially after 3 days. thanks so much for the tip and trying it out, I pin those things but never actually try them, nice to know this one works!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Ok, I am sold! I do tons of vintage linen to sell in my booth, but I have never tried hydrogen peroxide. If I was a betting woman I would have bet you would have never gotten that comforter clean! thank you I will giv eit a try!