Saturday, March 31, 2012

Egg Shells- Shakers and Nugget News~

 Barn Hop #56 

The other day I had a huge coffee container full of egg shells. I’ve been crushing them up in a bag with a rolling pin and feeding them to my chickens as a source of calcium. I’ve read it is good for them and makes their own egg shells stronger. 
The problem is I don’t think I was making the shells small enough; I understand that this could cause them to start to eat their own eggs. To remedy this,  I decided to use the blender. 100_0485 This is what I ended up with … a pretty fine powder. 100_0491 Now for some place to store it.  I took the scissors and cut the top off an old salt box… I measured a canning ring. Perfect fit~ 100_0489 Now I have a pour spout~  I got this idea off Pinterest. I no longer have the link, sorry. 100_0486
Monday was my birthday, my youngest daughter knows what I like… she bought me this book. Which, I’ve not had time to read yet—but am dying to read. She also got me a gift card to one of my favorite stores… The Tractor Supply Store!  Woo-hoo! 100_0394 Here is a picture of the Nuggets… they are trying out their roosting skills. I put this stick in the fence and the curious little things all came over right away and stared at it… MUCH LIKE A CALF LOOKING AT A NEW GATE…but NOT~! 100_0453 Chicks looking at a new perch~

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Robyn said...

Love the post.. My husband and I also have chickens and one rooster. I think we have about 14 chickens.. I had no idea about the eggs shells. I have to talk to my husband about this and I will do like did, grind them to a powder.. How are your girls doing with the eggs shells?

Loraine said...

So glad you shared this info with us. I knew about giving my chickens egg shells but I wasn't crushing them up. I will start doing the same for mine now on.

Meg said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!


Petticoats and Pinafores said...

Great idea! I had noticed my hens cracking a few of my eggs after I started feeding them the egg shells. I was not a happy camper! I'm going to try this and see if it helps.