Saturday, March 31, 2012

It is Finished--

I wish I could say I thought of that. But I didn’t. Those are God’s words—upon Completion of the ultimate Sacrifice. That of His Son Christ Jesus—when he died for US. You may be asking yourself what does Re-decorating the Bathroom have to do with Christ and His Saving Grace?
And everything!
This isn’t some kind of spiritual transformation. No. It is just a commonly used room in my home that was in serious need of a makeover. The fact of the matter is…God created me- and He knows how I procrastinate. Some times that is a good thing; it keeps me from running ahead of the plans He already has for me. Sometimes it is a sinful thing… and it keeps me from doing what He has for me to do.
It keeps me from accomplishing things—and it drags me down in my spirit. This is me sharing some accomplishment~
Last month I started RE-decorating my bathroom. It was in serious need of freshening up… I took it from a Coke and Smile
Bathroom - before 002  To Cottage-y Wonderful!!!100_0287I used DIY Chalk Paint here on the corner shelf,  below on the linen cabinets (YES~ I finished painting them! and here)
100_0655 100_0652

I did away with the Coca- Cola elements; but kept  some of the red touches, even though I had a thread of blue running through the new decor—I like the way the red and turquoise compliment each other. 100_0657 I got a little creative in some areas and painted a cutesy little sign.100_0671

I love the fresh look of the whites, creamy beige and reddish brown wood tones… I tried to use things I had already and liven them up.Being thrifty is key! 100_0677
The vanity had been painted red and white
Bathroom - before 011
…I used the DIY chalk paint here too. This is paint I mixed myself with Ooops! paint and I used a watered down beige  brushed on and wiped off for a glazing detail. I also covered this with Minwax paste.  100_0680 I like how it turned out. 100_0685
I have this old “honey pot” or “thunder bucket” as some would call it. I lined it with a vintage pillow slip, I like the colors in the flowers and tied a piece of linen dresser doily to the handle. It holds spare T.P. rolls. :) 100_0668
My favorite (and apparently yours, too) all time project~ my papered floors100_1706
I love the way they make my bathroom have an even more cottage feel to it. They’ve been a pleasure for me to see when I come into the bathroom, they compliment my cabinetry now and they’re super easy to clean!  100_0686   The window treatment I had changed out way before February—when I was starting to get the itch to change things up. I used twigs to make the curtain rod—totally free! 100_0690 The curtain is a vintage dresser runner with little flowers embroidered on it. . Bathroom In Progress 026 The scalloped paper book pages though rough, and uneven—lend to the cottage feel too; and I lit the candle this time, so you don’t have to imagine it being lit! 100_0707 
Lastly, the thing that makes me smile is being able to switch the light on and off when ever I want… I don’t have to stand in the dark groping around for the PULL CHAIN any longer~My bathroom is small but it is packed with all the little homey cottage touches I love now.  You know one of the reasons I think I’m so happy with it?100_0698
Because It IS finished!!! Yes, I do lots  of little things around my home and I show you a lot of my inspirations and aspirations… but I hardly ever get to show you a finished Picture Perfect Room.
Well, this is it. I don’t know that it’s magazine worthy, but for me –It is finished.  One of my  favorite phrases of all time! I don’t know how God must have felt that day—when His Son uttered those words; but He made me to be creative, and He wants us to see things through and do them unto His Glory. He also gave me this home to be a Good Steward over and doing it on a budget is a must for me.
I’m happy I was able to see it through---Now onto the rest of the house!

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Just so you know I didn’t do away with my Coca-Cola Girl… I hung her outside the door in the Utility Room… 100_0294 She still greets me with a smile! 
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
~Philippians 4:23


Intentional Living Homestead said...

You did an awesome probably have more creativity in your "pinky" than I have in my entire body LOL.


♥ my diary♥ said...

you did a nice waiting may to start fixing my front and backyard...and inside de house...some little details ...i love vintage but dont have that experience about that kind of i keep everything simple..thank you for sharing..its lovely it is...

RHome410 said...

That's something we rarely get to say with our DIY projects, especially for entire rooms! Well done. :-D

Clint Baker said...

Amen! Wonderful completed project and good contrast!

Vicki said...

It looks super cute. I love the way you hung the curtains!

The Boston Lady said...

Pat it turned out so great. My favorites are of course the floor and the window treatment - so pretty. Uh, and the "honey pot" usage. Ann

Melanie said...

Your bathroom is lovely! I understnad how you feel, I am a procrastinator too!! There is always so much to do, it is hard to get things done sometimes. Love that floor!!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Yay for finished projects! Feels good doesn't it.

I'm always in awe of your floors!!! Your bathroom turned out so cottagey pretty!

Kolein said...

Yeah-hoo!!! The bathroom looks great! Still swooning over those floors!

We ALL have bits of the "get up and go's" as well as the "sit here and do nothings".
(interesting that those phrases actually fit the bathroom, Pat!!!) LOL!!!

LOVE it!!! You should feel good about the accomplishment! I've been working on our two bathrooms this spring!!!!!