Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pretty as a Pansy~

           Recently I was chatting with someone via email and we were discussing the beauty in blooms-- especially blooms on vegetable plants. 
I was saying how sad it must be to live in a neighborhood where the H.O.A. governs what can and can't be planted in the public areas of your yard. 

 This Okra is as pretty as any Pansy I've ever seen. 

...And I think this squash blooms just as brilliantly as a Hibiscus. 
I know I've read some blogs where ladies have said, they'd like to plant vegetables to put on their table to minimize the cost of the food budget. I say if you have a yard, with space and soil;  why not plant food to eat? Instead the city ordinances and Home Owner's Associations want to dictate to you the plants, grasses and trees that you are allowed to have in your yard. Plants that take so much costly water and upkeep; including gasoline for mowers and trimmers. 

I say it's ridiculous. Even if the plants weren't pretty-- and all they did was make produce, 'Who Cares?'. You make the payments and pay the taxes on the property-- why not plant vegetables? 
I guess you could plant something that is really disagreeable with the the Corpse plant voted the World's Ugliest Plant! (not to mention smelly,too)  
I've seen some ugly plants in my day- while not the Corpse Plant, this is the Stinky Squid it is the runner up! 

(not my photo)

I think I had something similar like this growing in my field near the back fence...I can't find the photo now, but it was ugly! 

That's all of my rant. I really just wanted to show you pictures of my  pretty Okra. I thought I'd wrap it up in something informative as well! 

Thanks for reading! 

The Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your Spirit. Philippians 4:23


Sunny Simple Life said...

Here here. I grow my veggies in the front yard and think they look quite pretty.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

your okra is a beauty all right! :)
I myself, find beauty in weeds...I have to say I don't mind the mixture of yellow and purple when the dandelions and violets are in bloom.
have a great weekend Pat!

RHome410 said...

I know absolutely nothing of okra, so have never seen it bloom... It is beautiful!

So are your oops! black chairs... I've gotten a bit behind on your blog!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We had jimson weed in the yard once. It was the most beautiful, huge flower but you could not go near it- it smelled like death! Your stinky squid looks horrible! LOL