Thursday, June 7, 2012

Using What you Have: And Look Who's turning 2!!!

Y’all remember my grandson Easton (you can read all about him and the rough beginning he had HERE)—he’ll soon be 2 years old!!!! I can’t believe it~~ can you?! 

Yep! this is him sharing his corn chips with the chickens… 100_1580 “Snack Time”

Since he has a birthday coming up. I thought I'd make him something from Oma's stash. 
I made him this reversible draw string bag-- You never know what a 2 year old boy might need to carry around! 
It's Camo- flavored! 
I also made some bean bags ---for tossing around! 
...And it closes up good and tight to keep his treasures safe! 
I'll probably put some bubbles inside or a truck and some farm animals! 
It isn't very big-- but I'm sure he'll fill it with something-- dirt, rocks, sticks...a frog! 
Anyway-- I'm just learning how to do all this junk on my sewing machine. I've never known until THIS WEEK how to make a reversible ANY.THING!

But I watch Mel she makes all sorts of bags-- I thought this one was easy enough. I just used pant legs one from denim and one from camouflaged pants. Measured the hole... What I did was I found a jar big enough to fit in the hole and I trace around it with chalk...that is the extent of my measuring...;) 
I sewed into the pant leg! 
For the reversible part... I "Youtubed" it! 

Don't you just love the internet and the learning tool it can be for you?  I've learned so much on the web! We are career learners. My main goal in home schooling my kids was to make life-time learners out of them. They are all self learners and avid researchers...if they don't know how to do something, they find out how! I must take after my kids! ;) After home schooling my them mainly WITHOUT the internet-- I've kept up learning myself, now that they are all grown.   I like to tell people,
 "I've graduated from 
The You-niversity of TUBE, with a GOOGLE ENHANCED DEGREE from The School of Hard Knocks-- All by the Grace of God!"

Make sure and check out Mel's Designs....'n Harmony-- Today, she is showing you ideas for re-purposing cast off clothing into a really cute bag for hanging on a walker for her mom!  You could probably hang this off a stroller or shopping cart! 

The Grace of the LORD Jesus be with your spirit. Phil. 4:23


Sunny Simple Life said...

Aww chickens love snack time and little ones. Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I've got degrees from the same university! That is such a cute pic of your grandbaby! Yes, with the internet we can do anything!


Cindy said...

Happy birthday to your darling Easton. God is good.
I love the bag that you made, I don't know what I would do without the Internet, it's my constant companion.
Hugs, cindy

Lofty Ideas said...

Love, love, love your last post - and your blog!! I so appreciate that you are sharing your "Empty Nester wisdom" with us "youngins". I may have to use your schooling references - I love that. School is so much more than 4 walls, isn't it!? Looking forward to getting to know you better my new friend!

RHome410 said...

What a great gift! Don't kids so love bags and any kind of container of their own?! I bet he loves it and it gets used and used.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I can't believe Easton is going to be two! :)

great draw-string bag you made. I LOVE youtube. I need to watch a video on stitching up jamie's chair so I can finish it.

have a great weekend pat!

Unknown said...

What a cute little gift! I know my boys would love something like that, so I'm sure this boy did too!