Friday, June 8, 2012

Louver Door Fix~

 Early May I took a couple of weeks off from blogging and had an opportunity to work on a few projects.  This is one I started and haven't finished; but wanted to show you; since I am cleaning off the camera SD card- I may as well, right?
This is the outside of my bedroom door. It is a bi-fold louvered door. Salvaged. Now-- we use several window A/C  to cool our home...

So years ago on the inside of our bedroom, I had grown tired of putting a sheet up over the door to help keep the room cool;  and I covered the louvers with plywood.
I painted the plywood and that was it.

You can see by the photo... when I repainted my bedroom gray-- I slapped the paint on the bottom...

I never finished painting them.

In May--- I covered the plywood with wall paper.
Now all it needs is some small trim- which I have stored and will hopefully get cut and tacked on this weekend... 


On Memorial Day weekend The Honey and I also replaced the old, yukky carpet that was in here with carpet tiles! They look great and feel wonderful under my feet!

We also rearranged our bedroom.
I have a post coming on that soon-- Our furniture has been in roughly the same layout in our bedroom 16 years-- it is only 9' X 12'. You can imagine how tight it was in there. But just turning the bed 90° made all the difference in the world.

The only thing I'm not happy with is the built in shelves on the wall.  I'm currently looking for ideas to cover it or do something different with it too!

***updated to say-- I've painted both the door and the shelves; read the FULL POST HERE
So far these little changes have cost nothing. I've basically used left over materials from other projects. The wall paper was even left over from when I covered my back-splash in November 2011. The carpet tiles are practically new-- they came out of my daughter's and SIL's  house that they just bought and are remodeling before they move into it. My daughter got them all up and we picked them up and stored them in the barn until now.
I try to do a project with the least amount of money spent-- sometimes it's the money that hinders me---but I know if I just think about it for a while, I can come up with a solution that will look nice and satisfy me too! I plan a project to death---until I'm almost ready to toss it and come up with something else--then ALL OF THE SUDDEN... I just get a burst of energy and have to get it done!

Some of you work like 'gang-busters' to get the job done; but, are there some of you out there, that work like me?  Slow and steady?  In a disjointed or maybe methodical way?

The Grace of the LORD Jesus be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23 


Sandy said...

No matter how long it took you, your
efforts were well done. I think the
wall paper idea was brilliant,, it looks
Good Job

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

slow and steady wins the race Pat! :)
I hung a sheet over my kitchen doorway for that I have those barn doors, I wonder what took so long. OH wait! I know. I didn't have the money.
Happy you're making the changes on a dime. Like the wallpaper on the bifold! way to go.