Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bedroom Shelf- Do-Over

For the longest time my most popular post on my blog was an INSPIRATION PIECE  that I wrote... just because I was dreaming. You know we've all written them...inspiration pieces.  Mine was / is called 'Green with Inspiration'  ... It's a 2 year old post, you don't have to go there now; but you can read it anytime you like. It's there still.

Although, I must admit-- it isn't a favorite post of mine. In fact of all the 590 views that post has had... I'm sure it left a very large percentage feeling somewhat... hi-jacked on the Internet Super Hi-way and wondering 'how in the world did I make it to this blog?' 

I wrote it because, well, I love the color green. I haven't decorated with it much in my home...There was that one time right after we moved here, I experimented with a sponge painting technique and a couple of cheap rolls of wallpaper border, from Family Dollar. It had a 'log cabin theme' . All the guys loved it. But after a while it got old. So I changed it.

Since then, I've NOT had much GREEN in my home. If you've been reading here for very long-- it's obvious I like color. I've also mentioned that I like the calm of white; while beautiful, it just isn't me...and as I've said, 
"I swing violently between the calm of all White rooms and Vibrant color filled rooms." 

Recently, I published a post on my bedroom and the dilemma I was having since re-arranging the furniture. The problem was the shelving behind my head-board. I didn't want to structurally change it, but I knew it needed tweaking.  It needed to be brought under control. It needed color. But it also needed the balance of displaying like items, collections...Not just random stuff. 
I struggle with knowing who I am in the decorating world. My house is filled with other peoples things. I've only recently started looking at the things around my home in terms of What I LIKE!  

My thoughts at first were to cover it with a canopy type curtain, similar to this. 

Lezlee liked the green as suggested in the canopy picture. I think that is what I liked about that photo too. The green head board. 

Several of you suggested removing the paper--which I was pretty much set on doing. 

and some  MOST suggested paint-  A darker color, keeping the white on the shelves.. I liked that idea. I had just the color in mind. 
I had a can of Ooops! Paint that I've not used much of...

First I tried it out on the Altered Louver door. You can read about my Louver Door Fix here. 

I painted out each 'cubbie' in the shelves.  

 I also shopped the house (ie: closets, other rooms, other shelves,etc.) To find things for the the space that were leaning towards a NATURE THEME; birds, cedar, flowers,etc. I like the green with the white contrasting. I also like the wood elements. 

I have a collection of small wood boxes. There are other 'nature themed' elements that I've collected from my kids as they were growing up. The bird house my daughter painted. 
The sketch drawn by my daughter of the Iris. One of my favorite flowers. 

This is the left side of the shelves. I'm not finished with it. I'll be removing some items and adding new into the mix. 
Some of the things I like...
the glass apothecary jars. 
The copper pot. 

The silver swan ring holder. (It was my mother's) 

The little painted plate. 

The little box/ shelf within the shelves... it leans a little. But I don't care. It was the first thing I ever saved from the landfill. Back in the day when I was a young house wife...just starting out. I had glued crocheted lace to it that I made using an 80's Blue   ...I've taken that off and will be revamping this little shelf too!

I've also got other 'natural' elements that I'm Re-doing for the shelves. Such as Ocean water; I have bottles of sand and ocean water that people brought back to me from their trips to the ocean ... do you do this?

So that is my Shelving make-over, not finished but improved...and here are the before and after again. 

I'm linking this here  
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and HERE: 

Another shot of the Louver Door Alteration. 

The Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23


Gail said...

What a beautiful shade of green Pat! It looks great with all your decorative touches on the shelving. Enjoy your day, Gail

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

This is such a dramatic change, and the natural and sentimental elements are such a nice touch. Looks like you got your "green" going again, and the outcome is so much more cohesive. Are you still planning to create a canopy? Thanks for coming by with your great comment at Quirky Vistas. I know what you mean about having someone else come in with their ideas and interference. If only we could work out a balance on all that. I have to drag my daughter out to help when I need a hand and you have to struggle to keep "helping" hands and "advice" off of your projects. It's a wonder either of us get's things done sometimes. You certainly managed beautifully on this project. Kudos!

Leslie said...

I love the shelf makeover ~ isn't it awesome that a little color can change everything. Your quilt is soooo pretty!!!
Happy monday

Linda said...

Green is my favourite colour, great make over of the shelf. I'm visiting from Sunny Simple Sunday.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Green is actually my least favorite color. However when I decided to paint my bedroom, I needed a green--and happened on the best oops shade! I love how oops paint can sway us toward a color. :)
Your shade of green is great! I love how the shelves look now with the green and white together.
great job Pat!!

The Boston Lady said...

I love green myself! The shelf redo turned out great, Pat. What a difference! I bet you smile everytime you look at it! I love to "shop" in my house too. It's a great way to change things up and look at old items in a new light. Love it! Ann

Prior said...

I love it so personal and restful...just as a bedroom should be...I love those boxes stacked so! You done good!

Revi said...

Pat, it looks so good! I love green, too. (Great choice for your background!) And I love the way you styled the shelves - those stacked wood boxes made me look twice.:)
Nice work!

Audrey said...

Love the new look. I love old wooden boxes too.
Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving such a nice comment. New follower.
Audrey Z.