Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Using What You Have: Getting the MOST MILEAGE from Bed Sheets~

Yesterday, I showed you the OWL diaper bag that I crocheted from sheets. Today I am going to show you how I prepared the sheets for crocheting.  Now, when I crochet with sheets I like to have one continuous piece of with yarn. That way I can crochet without stopping to attach new pieces of fabric and only stop to tie off when I'm ready.

So lets get started. Of course you're going to need a clean, dry, preferably flat bed sheet (** more on using fitted sheets at the end of this post) . Fold your sheet length wise , right sides together (pretty side in) I don't use pins and I do a rather quick stitch and sometimes make sloppy work of it. Doesn't' matter as long as it gets sewn closed.

For this TUTORIAL SAKE... I'm using a pillow slip in some of the photos; it is easier to handle and photograph. The same point being it is still a TUBE. 

 1. For Sheets: Sew the sides together (as shown above) -- I like to make two passes just so it is sturdy.
     For Pillow Slips:   Remove and cut away the end seam, and the hemmed opening (you could take the time to UN-hem it and  use the whole pillow slip; but I just cut it off). 

 2. Then you have a long TUBE- open on both ends.
 3. Find a flat surface that will accommodate this much material-- You may use the floor. I used my bed. (That's were the A/C is and it's really hot here in TEXAS!)

4. Now you want to make several folds to layer the sheet on itself.

 5. Fold the TUBE almost in half leaving the SEAM (that I just sewed) exposed at the top.  DON'T CUT THROUGH THE SEAM.

 6. Starting at one end-- I go right to left- I don't suppose it matters. Begin cutting about 1" wide cuts -- Thru all layers- be sure and leave about 1/2" to 1 " at the top including the SEAM --UNCUT--. 

 7. Do this all the way down the TUBE in approximate 1" increments. Doesn't have to be perfect. Try to keep the layers as even as possible.

8. With the SEAM on top; Thread your arm through the TUBE... it's kind of like picking up wet spaghetti at this point; Because you have a whole TUBE of LOOPS...

PUT YOUR ARM THROUGH THE LOOPS. Or a Yard stick if you have one. 

SNIP!  Don't be afraid. 

9.Once your hand is through the TUBE...this is where the MAGIC HAPPENS!
ON THE LAST LOOP. Cut the back of the loop free and let it fall to the floor. JUST THE BACK STRAND OF THE LAST LOOP.

10. Again MORE MAGIC: At this point you will begin cutting on the diagonal. The back loop has been cut free; so on the front you will slip your scissors into the front slit of the first loop and on the diagonal you will cut over to the the back slip of the next loop. (diagonally: right to left)  

 It will look like this. 

 Do this all the way across until you get to the end! 

 On the last LOOP you will end up at the TAIL END
Roll into a ball! 
Now, obviously if you use a bed sheet you will have a much bigger ball. I didn't get pictures of my bed sheet balls, I was on a time constraining schedule; this is my pillow slip ball; much smaller :) 

**Now at the top I said I show you how to use fitted sheets. 
Just a few different steps. 
 Fitted sheets with 'GOOD' ELASTIC. 
Remove Elastic: save for future project. (I recently used some to make puffy sleeves for Snow White dress up clothes for 3 yr. old- birthday gift!)  :) 
 Fold in the fitted corner until you find a straight even edge. Cut away. 
 Do that to the other end. 
  Now you have a nice rectangle ready to Sew into a TUBE and prepare for crocheting! 
The drop off fitted pieces can be saved to make bag liners, used in quilting or any number of projects that you may find a use for...including make pillow slips! (somebody cut my pillow slips up!) 
I know that was an exceptionally long post and if you're still with me... bless you, for reading! I hope you found this post both informative and helpful. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask-- and check back in comments for answers.  If I get enough Q & A... then I'll probably have to make another post! :) 

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The Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23



Carol............. said...

Although I don't sew or crochet I can certainly appreciate your beautiful work!

RHome410 said...

That's all so clever! I'd never realized you could crochet with fabric!