Thursday, July 19, 2012

::Broody Chicken Update 2:: Order Restored

I recently gave an account about how I had a couple of broody chickens. 
I found this picture while cleaning off an SD card... You can see she is missing some feathers in this picture and in the ones to follow. 

This was at the onset... WE ARE NOVICE CHICKEN WRANGLERS.


We tried coaxing her out with some feed mixed with scratch. 

I gave the full account here; about how we put the two foul chickens into confinement. Not solitary; as they were both broody and hanging out together. I figured misery loves company so... they hung out together for two nights and one day in the tractor. 

 NOTE:  I don't have any current pictures of Ethel or Lucy... and let me just add, from this point on, in this post--photos were taken by Bree- the 3 year old photographer. She loves Oma's point and shoot.  You'll find these photos are quite good for a 3 year old photographer. 

Jump to this week: 
Here is Gracie Chicken in the yard strutting her stuff. Things seem back to normal for her. 

 Audrey (fore ground)  Gracie (behind) 

 Again... Gracie Chicken. 
(we call her Gracie Chicken, because we also have a dog named 'Gracie'...and well, that's the chickens name.) She doesn't come to Gracie Chicken... but it clarifies who we mean when we say 'gracie'... 
She comes to " here...chick, chick, chick!" 
In fact they all come to that! 
Just about every chicken in the yard. 

 Here's George. I think he is happier now that order has been restored. 
Although, I've almost had it with him, he is the reason for the missing feathers on some of the girls. 
He is a little rough. 

This is a shot of a couple of THE NUGGETS.
I have to call them that...because if I name them... I don't know that I could enjoy dumplins so much. 
You just don't name your food. 
That's my rule. 

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The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23 


Melanie said...

Laughing so hard - dumplings!!!!!

Yes, I understand the pix up top! Have had the same thing happen here, their feather do grow back though. Your 3 year old photographer did a fantastic job!!!

Robyn said...

Yep we have the same problem here.. Our rooster Hank is a bit rough with the girls sometimes too...Your lil photographer did a great job! :)

The Boston Lady said...

Oh My Gosh! Nuggets!! Pat you are something else. I couldn't name them either if I knew, well, you know.... Granddaughter has a new job. Grandma's official blog photographer - hey put her to work early!! Her pictures were great. And George, come on man, take it easy on the girls, or you could be replaced by a Nugget. Ann

Chicken Wrangler said...

You may need to get some 'chicken aprons' for your girls - that will give your roo something to tread on besides the girl's feathers! Chicken aprons can be found in many different colors and styles! Google it and check them out!

nannykim said...

Hmmm, I have that old McDonald song running through my head!

Love Of Quilts said...

I just now have found two eggs the first one's from my chickens. I'm glad to read a blog where someone else can tell me about chicken's.

Bliss said...

Laughing.... Our roosters name is Nugget! I don't want to eat him but I would like to stuff a sock in his beak.


Kristina said...

Some of our barred rocks are missing feathers too. I love the name George for your rooster. We named ours Sparta. Our egg bound hen is doing fine now.