Sunday, October 28, 2012

::One of my Many Hats-- "Costume Designer" ::

This weekend a local Photographer holds her annual blood drive and food drive to help area food banks and the all important need to give blood-- with a donation of either- you may get your children's picture taken in costume for the season. 

Here is what I worked on with youngest daughter for her boys. 

This GOODWILL coat has seen better days for sure--- it went from this 
 To this... 
 I took the lining out of it and re-sized it to fit Weston... he is HICCUP (from 'HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON') 
 I used the lining to make a vest and the cuff from the sleeves to top his boots. First I dyed them chocolate brown. (with the LAST BOX of Rit ® dye on the shelf in DARK BROWN) ...they sort of look chocolatey - purple...but passed close enough for brown. I didn't dye the pants and they matched pretty well. 
He was happy. He just wants to kill a dragon! 

Next we took the $1.50 thrift store VAMPIRE BAT costume and turned it into TOOTHLESS. 

I used an old t-shirt to cover all the red. Because TOOTHLESS IS A NIGHT FLYER...and he can't be seen. We scored an extra pair of pants I cut one leg off and made the hat, added crocheted 'dragon eyes' and the other leg we left attached to the elastic and I stuffed it with shopping bags and made a tail. just slid right on over his costume! easy peasy! 

I took the next photo...while they were playing on the steps of the HUGE Tree House outside! 

I present 

I assure you there are two very pleased little boys behind the masks I put on their faces. 

No dragons were slayed or injured in the making of this fun day! 
The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. ~Philippians 4:23 


Jocelyn said...

Those are fantastic! Congrats on those imaginative costumes.

PS--Those books are my kids' favorites!

Carla said...


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

what a great oma you are! :)

I've never heard of either of those characters... I'm in kids at home, but no grandkids yet. I taught for so many years, that allowed me to keep up, but not being around kids, I'm clueless. :)

great job! soooo cute!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Cute costumes! Way to go :)

Revi said...

You are SO clever, and such a great grandma!